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Thread: Dragons

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    Re: Dragons

    1. Magical? Psh, I believe every creature has the possibility of being magical, even humans. We just don't know the rules of magic anymore. Sounds fantastical, but it's more than likely true rather than just saying the supernatural doesn't exist. So dragons? Sure, some of them could've been magical.

    2. Live? Highly unlikely. If you believe in the Lochness Monster, they say the find energies around it that resemble "spirits"... in other words? It could more than likely be a spirit itself. Dead, let's say. I won't close my eyes to anything. I'm not saying I believe in everything, I'm saying I won't deny the possibility. How could they have died? Well, as far as we know in history, large creatures have failed to reach this era in mankind. Could have been the environment (areas full of life encourage large growth... areas with few life encourage small growth, that's a fact), could have been a biological massacre (diseases have been known to wipe out entire species), could have been a lack of mating (sometimes it's really hard to find each other before you die), or the most common of them all: We humans could've finished them off. Think about it. They were LARGE, DANGEROUS CREATURES... what? You think we would just find them as some kind of cute puppy that's completely harmless? As long as a creature's carnivorous, they're a threat to our species.

    3. I'd probably some cool looking black dragon, a beast of the darkness... who suddenly runs into a stupid-looking dumpy dragon and thinks "hell, if I gotta' mate, I gotta' mate... -_-" ..... I love you, honey!

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    Re: Dragons

    from what i researched on dragons...yes call me a dragomaniac...dragons are awesome...some say the were dinosaurs others just mythical creatures used for their own purposes. well some people have found bones...but i think they existed and their legend was just passed on...i dont think something like that could just be made up throughout history. i mean the vikings used it as scare tactic on their ships...and most of all chinese history is filled with references to them. i would say that they are probably dormant in volcanoes and such places just waiting for their time to rise again..and if i were to have a dragon...it would be a male black dragon.

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