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Thread: The dreaded "I Love you"

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    Unhappy The dreaded "I Love you"

    Ok hi everybody i have a love question. Alright im in a relationship alot like the one that NevesElocin made a thread about called 'Should you stay in a loveless relationship?'. Basicly I have been going out w/this guy for a while now, and i dont really have feelings for him anymore becuz ive relized that we just dont have enough in common. But he still is completely in love w/me, and ive felt like this for a while now and im going to breakup w/him in the next week or so. But he tlks to me everyday on the phone and before he hangs up he always says "i love you"..... so my question is if someone says 'that' to you and you dont feel the same how would you respond??? I dont want to not say it back cause it sounds so mean, but when i breakup w/him i dont want him to be complety shocked, becuz the day before he said "i love you" and i just mimicked it back. Plz tell me what you would do in my situation because i really dont want to hurt him.
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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    ok i think i can help you i have been thruogh two relationships like that and well it might hurt him but you need to be honest to him and to yourself i know it might be hard but thats what makes life livable anyway just tell him how you feel i am sure he will understand ok
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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    Yeah, I deffinatly know what you're going through lol...^^'

    Okay, well, the best thing to do is let him down gently. Say something like 'I think this is best for my hapiness and yours if we seperate, after all, you do want me happy, right?' and what he says in response depends on his own personality. But if he's head over heels with you, I'd just do what I just said.

    Good luck! ^^

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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    haha, ive been there before...like Akura said, just lightly break up. dont be dramatic, or anything, and dont get too pissed, just as peacefully as possible
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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    you know, the longer you wait, the more he is going to fall head over heels for you. if you don't want to hurt him, tell him now before you get in too deep.
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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    Just like what every one has said and most likely those who are going to say after me... Just end it, it's going to make things much more difficult with each passing day if you don't. Let him know that you have been feeling this way for a while and you stuck around to see if the feelings you had for him would come back but didn't. Which is from what I am getting is why you stayed in it for so long even after knowing you lost the feelings for him. Just be up front with him, and don't get up set if he get angry as it's never an easy thing to deal with. See if it's alright to be really good friends, how ever don't say that because you already dropped a bomb shell on him and he doesn’t need another one. Give it time and then come back to him, or if he proposes to being just friends right when you break up with him well then give him your answer.

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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    I can say i have been there since i wanted to get past the hurt i felt when I lost someone. and all I can say is you will be hurting the person more if you keep saying you will stay with himi and say i love you back and don't mean it. Say thank you and talk to this person and explain that you don't feel the same but want to be friends.
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    Re: The dreaded "I Love you"

    Wow...somebody quoted me...cool. To stay in a relationship

    with someone you don't care for isn't good for anyone. Just look at the relies to my

    thread and its unanimous. But if you don't love him back you shouldn't lead him on. But

    for those of us who are/were afraid to take the plunge and say it that first time it can

    be a challenge. But if the feelings are true then you should go ahead and say it. It

    takes a giant load off. But if you don't have feelings for someone, don't bother lying to

    them and leading them on.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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