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Thread: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

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    Wink Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    If you were asked what your dream vacation is:

    1.where would it be?
    2. who would you be with
    3. how long will it be
    4. any activities you plan on doing

    me let me kick this off as

    i'd like to go back to prueto princesa in Palawan philippines
    i'd be with my dream guy ( keaneu reeves if heaven permits)
    for three weeks
    scuba diving and snorkling and doing photography under water
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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    on a beach
    with my baby (hes so sexy)
    hehehehehe what do you think? XD
    lol. um yea i would spend my time just like hanging with him and doing what couples do.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    1.Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, France
    2. A friend or two
    3. forever or at least 1 month
    4. sight seeing and taking pictures of sights
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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    1. anywhere but here in NE Ohio, preferrably Europe, Asia, or the Caribbean
    2. someone who loves me or, barring that, myself
    3. the rest of my life if possible
    4. travelling and exploring the various cultures

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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    Japan With my family (wife and son) At least three weeks Shightseeing anime shopping and touring as many anime studios as posspible

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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    1.where would it be? Somewhere on a hot beach in a quiet place maybe Mexico or something like that. Just a hot beach that anyone is allowed to visit.

    2. who would you be with: Might sound a little sad but i would go with my family, or maybe my friends it would be so fun to just lounge around the beach getting a tan and jumping in the (NON SHARK INFESTED WATER)

    3. how long will it be: Most likely two weeks

    4. any activities you plan on doing: Eating, Sleeping, swimming, thats all in a nutshell.

    That would probablly be my dream vacation.

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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    Gift of a free vacation! Dammit, I'd love that.


    1. Really I don't know. I'd like it to be...something nature-like. Something that honestly has beautiful scenery.
    2. Well, I would like to be by myself, but if anyone it'd be my ex (think I miss her x.X?), also if we're allowed to be with mythological beings I'd choose Satan or God and have a fun conversation with them.
    3. OH BOY, it'd be forever
    4. Activities? As in while on vacation, or actual planned activites?

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    Re: Dream Vacation ( if you were given a gift)

    My dream vacation would be in Scotland to see the Highlands and to visit the ancient castles and just to suck in all that glorious rugged beauty
    I would probably go by myself or if I was in a relationship that I would take my babe with me...but that is it...I do not like going with big groups
    probably for a couple of moths and not too long because even though every body enjoys free time....I have way to many things to be taken care of back at home
    Hiking, nature exploring, learning as much as possible about the cultures and activities, going to the local carnivals and getting really interactive with the community

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