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Thread: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

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    Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    Mhum, it sounded like a good topic and I didn't see anything just like this posted before and I was curious so I decided to make this thread.

    What are your dreams and aspirations? Realistically speaking, not to suck the fun out of it in any way but I am wanting to know what goals you have in your life. Dreams, aspirations that drive your daily life, things that motivate you and that you are working toward in life.

    Share your inner workings, the sort that fill you with hope for a bright future. Working your way through a special collage etc for a degree that will open the door for you, a job you love and make great $ at etc.

    I'll slip mine in here shortly

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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    dreams ....Ive got so many dreams ,but most of them are rather un-attainable or freaky for some ppl ..like becoming telekenitic
    there are so many thigns that can aspire me but the hard thing is to stop that aspiration from fading into just another forgotten feeling Xp
    and goals o the usual , go to good university , get a good job ,settle down and then get reduced to ashes =P .I think its pathetic to just do that ...I used to believe there there was always more to it then all the usual crap ..but there isnt so what the heck let's follow the road most travelled Xp
    (sorry if this sucks the fun out of it ^_^)

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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    -too rule the world
    -become the best that I can be
    na... I guess... well it varries from day to day... right now I'm dreaming/ goaling (new word time =D) to become a teacher like alot of my family, settle down and live my life... yup that bout sums it up =( kinna sad...
    death and life are one and the same

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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    My dream is to go from 2d art to 3d art and get a job at a game content company. I also want to understand Dianetics and Scientology and apply it to my mind and life. I want to improve my focus and get clear about my emotional needs not just my intellectual and financial needs. I'm trying to meet the right fellow and accumulate enough money to buy a house with a great view of the ocean or a pool. I want to see inception and some cool/funny anime.

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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    My dreams/goals:
    - To become a Renaissance man, like Da Vinci (Jack-of-all trades, master of all?). Probably a little difficult to achieve, but I'm working on it.
    - To be an influential figure in society. I actually sort of have an idea how to do this. I'm thinking of becoming a politician or something. ;D


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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    Ruling the world would be nice! :3

    On a serious note, though:
    I want to be well known. I have a immensely large fear of death, so I feel if I make myself well known I technically won't die. While I would die in body, I would never die in spirit because there would tons of people who would remember me. If there was a way for immortality, I'd love to know.

    Right now I'm going to college for theatre, mainly acting. I have one more semester until I get my associate's degree. Then, I will be studying psychology I want to work as a high-school guidance counselor and eventually a psychologist.

    I love how the mind works. I love being someone else and getting to have another psyche, and I really love giving advice to help other's with their problems and issues.

    Orochimaru Fangirl ♥ | MMO Junkie

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    Re: Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

    Very nice topic, Rhyaniwhynn. :]

    I just turned 23, and I can proudly say that I already reached one of my main goals in life. That is to graduate with a master of medical science degree in physician assistant program and work as a pediatric PA. I adore working with children and frankly it’s the kind of job I always dreamed of. As a side note, I just pinched my cheeks to remind myself that it’s real. I am silly like that, sometimes.

    What more there is to say—I am happily single, healthy, and working on owning the beautiful condo I live in. I am entirely content with the current affairs of my life, though my mom thinks I am lacking a companion. You know, the kind that woman end being miserable with, men.

    I do have other dreams in life, though, like travelling around the world and wining gold medal in cycling at the Olympics, but the time is not yet.

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