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Thread: Drinking games

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    Drinking games

    'Sup, everyone? Or at least everyone old enough to enjoy a beer or two? (I'd like to ask the kids to leave the room for this one.)

    Let's cut to the chase: I'll be out with my friends drinking tomorrow -- this is something we do on a regular basis since break started. But it appears as though our drinking sprees have lost some oomph to them. Sure, everything started out fine with everyone letting cats out of bags and skeletons out of closets, but now we've run out of secrets. At least secrets we'd think of sharing.

    So to make this exciting, we've decided to have drinking games beginning tomorrow. Any suggestions, guys? Just to give you an idea of what our drinking sessions are like:

    1) We usually start late afternoons, 5 PM being the earliest.
    2) There's always at least 5 of us, a dozen at most.
    3) We usualy order beers, though sometimes someone orders more exotic drinks, such as cocktails.
    4) Oh, and over at where we drink, the food is good -- but pricey.
    5) They have a TV, though most of the time, it's on mute.
    6) We have friends of both sexes come over whenever we drink. No exceptions.

    Again, I'd like to hear suggestions from the drinkers of AO. I'm sure some of us drink. Ready... go!
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    Re: Drinking games

    Hmmm . . . have you ever played "Never Have I Ever"?

    TO PLAY:
    * Everyone has a full drink.
    * Let's say Bob, Sam, and Joe are playing (for hypothetical purposes).
    * Bob begins saying something he has never done. ("Never have I ever . . . been to Peru.")
    * Everyone who has done what he hasn't (in this case, been to Peru) has to drink.
    * Next, it's Sam's turn. ("Never have I ever . . . read anything by Shakespeare.")
    * Everyone who has drinks.
    * Then, Joe goes. "Never have I ever . . . learned how to dance.")
    * Everyone who has drinks.
    * Then you start over.
    * The game ends in one of two ways:
    - The Pansy Way: Someone's glass is emptied.
    - The Awesome Way: Someone passes out.

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    Re: Drinking games

    Wow.. thats a nice drinking game suggestion there Divine.. though i don't and can't drink... hmm... i think i want to give a suggestion

    -This game is where a "pointing mechanism" is used... call all to gather in a circle..
    -then spin the "pointy thingy" ( you can use a pencil.. pen.. anything that spins and able to point something) until it stops to a person...
    -The person then must go out then picks a paper with instructions of what he must do in a box or jar or
    -If he failed to do as instructed... he must drink
    -If he is able to do that.. then... he gets to pick another member in the game.. and dares them to do something
    -but please... i hope nothing too perverted is used in this game xD something gay might happen and i don't want to be in the fault
    -the game should stop if one passes out... or it takes too much time... i suggest a maximum 5- 10 players..

    @.@ will take all night.. maybe it's not a good game ... :/ oh well

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    Re: Drinking games

    Hmm i can think of a few games, but i can only think of two that are best suited to beer. Well at the pub anyway.

    The first one i'm going to mention is this game that i learned the other night, its from some beer movie or something and it's fairly fun. The game itself is quite simple. Everybody get a quarter or a reasonably size coin, and you bounce it across the table trying to get it into someone else's beer. Now if you get the quarter into lets say "Bob's" beer, then "Bob" has to down that beer down in one go, but avoid drinking the quarter.

    In all honesty its a fairly fun game, well once ya get a few beers into ya. And don't worry about the bacteria and germs on the coin, alcohol is the perfect disinfectant. So drink up .

    But other than that, you can try this card game. It's been a while since i played it and i've only done it once so i'm a little iffy on the details. But the gist of the game is that you get a pack of cards and start dealing them (face side up) to everyone. Now you keep dealing the cards out until someone gets the King of any suit. The person who gets the king then has to down their beer in one go.

    There is another drinking game that i know of that your could use while watching the TV at your pub. But its mainly used for shots. So i wont recommended it.

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