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Thread: Drug Usage

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    Re: Drug Usage

    Drugs something kill the human .... it is not good thing and it make damage to all systems of your body ... and use something like drugs make you waste your life on something unnecessary ,something will kill you some day .... =^_^=
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    Re: Drug Usage

    I don't wan't to be mean, but I hope you created code names, because I'd kill you if I were this Jessica >.<

    Well but yah, drug use is not good... Unless you use it to relieve pain, then it's ok...
    The thing is, drug use brings you short term pleasure and when that short term passes you either need a stronger drug or, if there is none, you shall never feel happy again...
    My mother worked in an organisation that helped drug users and she drew us a graph... It looked a bit like the world temperature graphs you see around, only turned around- when you first use a drug, you get really high from it. It feels so good, you need to try it agan, but, when you do, it will feel less nice, still you'll try again, and each time you do, your pleasure from it falls, and then your alltogether pleasure levels fall bellow normal, and you can't get this pleasure tick back up like you can get the world temperatures back down... Sooner or later you'll end up one damn of a depressed person.
    I saw that happen to my grandpa, though he was using tge drugs to relieve pain. When he used those things... he looked really bad, really sad, couldn't walk very well, he looked half dead.. and it had happenned only in a few weeks!!! And he kept on asking for those pills... We gave him weaker ones and he got better.. but he never was the same... so yah...

    Of course there are some people who don't get addicted to druggs, but those are rare occasions. Addiction is not good.. gets u sad sad duntwant to see that happen to any of my friends... and happily, none of my friends ever use any drug...

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    Re: Drug Usage

    Drug abuse is unforgivable, especially if you're getting it from illegal sources. Supporting the gangs who traffic drugs is supporting the violence that gets innocent people killed. As for the person who's killing themselves with the substance, I couldn't care less. Jump off a a building, die in a public restroom, mistake your cousin for your girlfriend and kiss her, whatever. But when it affects my community, and therefore my life, and especially the taxes I have to pay, then it's a problem, man, it's a problem.

    Alright, chances are, you probably don't care about the crazy woman with the major psychiatric problems getting killed in gang crossfire. It's cool. But what if, instead of a crazy woman, it's a four-year-old child? Eh? EH?
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    Re: Drug Usage

    Quote Originally Posted by EmoNightmareRose View Post
    drugs absolutely are stupid and pointless, and the entire addition thing doesnt help either. as soon as crack enters the body, the only thing the mind thinks of is how to get more. all you do is destroy your life.
    That really is the truth because that was the only thing someone
    really close to me ever thought about.

    abby724 I live in a area where what you just said happens almost
    everyday. The area I live in is truly in the middle of nowhere and yet
    people commit suicide because off drugs and o'd on that c***. You
    constantly hear gunfire and so many people get in drunkin' car crashes
    with drug possession as well then after fleeing the scene of the crime,
    5 minutes later got into another car crash.

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