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Thread: Earth day 2008!!!

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    Earth day 2008!!!

    Well hello to all AO members again! ^^ it is i Ray!

    Well enough with the introduction... *clears throat* rather than wasting time posting stuffs which are irrelevant why not we all talk about the Earth day! Gee... do i sound like and Eco Geek.. WHO THE **** CARES!!! The earth is dying and we are all toodling around Yes! It has reached what we called the 11th hour.. i haven't watch the documentary on that.. but thats what it reffered it as....

    11th hour is the peak where the Earth is like and egg on the edge of a swords end... it's wheter it falls... or it stays where it is... or... it is safely put on a nice warm pillow! muahaha! That means... we the generation of today... will decide what happens to the little world on this tiny gigantic unknown of it's vastness universe... called Earth wheter it will be better... or worse...

    We have heard of the GLOBAL WARMING before.. and gee i hear only a small percentage of human race ever did something like 3R ( for those who do not know.. it stands for.. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) and no one really cared for any campaigns for "make the world green" and suchs...

    Do YOU? ^^ What is your viewon this matter?

    and... lastly... happy Earths day.. and may the world be greener ^^ and may us prosper to the ends of time and gee.. have anyone missed me? WHOOO!

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    Dude, its summer and its freaking cold where i live. I don't think that Global Warming causes the temperature to drop, does it?

    I do agree with the 3Rs though, whatever helps to keep the planet clean gets my vote . Also, happy Earth Day to you too. d[^__^]b

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    To me personally...Earth Day is not a very big deal...of course like the other families I try my best to recycle and follow the EPA regulations.....but it just does not seem very important to me.....do not get me wrong...i am all for the clean earth and anti-global warming and things like that.....but maybe it is the fact that i do not see a lot of progress does not make me a very big believer....
    The EPA has come far from the 1970:
    1972 -EPA bans DDT, a cancer-causing pesticide, and requires extensive review of all pesticides.
    In 1972, only 36 percent of the nation's assessed stream miles were safe for uses such as fishing and swimming: today, about 60 percent are safe for such uses.
    To date, more than 18 million homes have been tested for radon. Approximately 575 lives are saved annually due to radon mitigation and radon-resistant new construction.
    The number of chemicals listed in EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory nearly doubled, from 328 in 1990 to 644 in 1999.
    Today, more than 80 percent of Americans protect their children from secondhand smoke exposure at home.
    Today, the vast majority of American households have safe drinking water, and receive annual reports on the quality of their drinking water.
    President George W. Bush proposes the Clean Air Rules of 2004 that will make people healthier now and in the future. The result is more protection—faster—which ensures that clean air will be this generation’s contribution to the next.

    There is a lot more in store for the EPA and I am very grateful for all the contributions that they have and I am looking forward to what they have in store next for us and the environment.

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    Happy earth day to you all and I hope you all hug a tree naked
    the power of a small program making cool stuff. Viva La Flash and MS Paints

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    I agree with Earth Day because we should help the planet we live on! If that means I have to take a few minutes to throw something in the trash instead of the ground, then so be it! I feel as though we should do anything to protect our natural resourses and our atmosphere!

    oops...they saw us...*to you* Hi...you didn't just see that...

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    Well my school (the biology class in particular) is doing a thing where the school is going to participate in "cleaning up the school" and clean the trash around and in our school ^^

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mori-oni View Post
    Happy earth day to you all and I hope you all hug a tree naked
    Ok what? *Points to the above*

    Yes ray we have missed you! Where have you been?!

    well earth day yes is important and yes i agree with it, but seriously who gives a dam in this days society, we can all say we agree with it but as we are typing were just deining it anyway becuase where usuing the energy now! Yes i agree to it, but i am going to do anything to stop it? No i can't be bothered and i bet the other 3/4 of the world will feel the same, this is my at my truth point here so it could be easy for me to say yes i will not use electricty etc. cars... As if i am anyway! sorry but look at reality here, i'm just pointing it out, sorry

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    Re: Earth day 2008!!!

    Well if we REALLY care, shouldn't EVERYDAY be Earth Day? however here is a quote my friend gave me. "Only once near destruction do we attempt to save her, yet Mother NAture only says 'it's too late.'"

    That is my view.

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