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Thread: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

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    Re: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

    I followed the instructions of the hockey commentators on CBC, and left all the lights off, but kept the TV going. They showed a small clip of all the lights going out in Toronto, so that was pretty neat, although they left them all on in the Air Canada Centre so everyone could watch the game.

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    Re: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

    lol, i really do not have lights on at any time, because i do not live in a house, mind you i think that everyday people should have their lights out, or when they leave for school or work, because just turning out your light isn't everything you can do, there are alot of other options to help our environment
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    Re: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

    Quote Originally Posted by iluvmyloser View Post
    Because it was on google does not really mean it's fake.
    I don't think Mr. Miyata was saying Earth Hour was fake... Only that it probably wouldn't help as much as making a quote, "significant impact on energy savings, reducing green house gas emissions, [and] reducing the drain on your own wallet".
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    Re: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

    my school made a huge deal out of this day.....we decorated the hallways and we had heated discussions in classrooms and there were even rallies and stuff like that..
    and I do not understand why are people in this country are making such a big deal out of it..back in my home land which is Russia we had a day that was similar to Earth day 3 days a month where the whole community gathered to help clean the streets and gather the trash and talk about making the world cleaner and safer without using the earth natural resources and things like that....
    do not get me wring...i am all for that..but I do not think that one day can make such a big difference..

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    Re: Earth Hour..YAY..turn off your lights ~.^

    ok firstly i apologise, i have never heard of this and probablly didn't do anyhting on that day you claim as earth saving, no one warned me about it, so was it worldwide? i hear you say Google helped advitise it, but seriously what fat man is gonna take the time to get off his ass to turn of his ps2 he's been playing on all day?
    People are so selfish these days it's incredibly scary, they have no consiounce and just live life as a selfish humanbeing, if they have no family why stop electricty they don't care about the world, even after your attempts it's only words they can't force you unless they take physcial and mental action. I myself would have done this but never knew about it, maybe next year huh.

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