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Thread: Emotions

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    A really weird thread i just thought of but i belive this might get a few posts.

    Two Questions basically.

    What is your favourite emotion you feel?
    What is your worst emotion you feel?

    <EXTRA> (only if you want to answer them)
    When do you feel these emotions?

    1: What is your favourite Emotion?
    My favourite emotion is probably relief, i always feel so great when something that has had more than two descions and one answer works out for me, it makes me feel wow i choose the right descion and it makes me feel stronger about myself. I belive many people would say happiness is the greatest emotion they have felt, but i belive it's other emotions like this that makes your happiness. Even though before relief kicks in there is a side affect, a little bit of fear, just in case you choose the wrong descion. This to me is the fun in relief, sometimes i'm rihgt sometimes i'm wrong, what else were we put on earth to do except enjoy ourselves and achiveve goals, well theirs always a price for these things, Fear is one of the many payments you have the mentally give. So i am willing to say Relief is my happiness, this is why i didn't choose the emotion happiness.

    2: What is your worst emotion you feel?
    The worst emotion i have felt in my opinion is Pain. Pain supplies two other emotions just in it's word. these two emotions are, sadness and fear, well for me it is. When i feel pain i feel fear that i might die or not get better or be in a state like this for some time or even forever. This creates sadness because i feel down as well as on the edge with pain and fear. Pain often generates tears if it's that hurtful and tears are a sign of sadness. I hate to think about pain and fear and what not because generally when i think it, it makes me feel it.

    <EXTRA> When Do you feel these emotions?
    1: I generally feel relief just after as i siad i have made a big descion or even a little descion and choose the right outcome, in my opinion A.K.A The Best out come possible. It even narrows down to what do i want for tea tonight? silly questions with silly choices may just turn into big choices and bad choices. So be aware.

    2: I often feel pain just after i've been hurt, but i also feel mental pain usually at night when i'm alone in bed, with nothing to think about and just feeling very tired i sometimes think of detah which mentally pains and fears me. I tend not to think about it in the day as their is so much stuff going on and theres no time to think about it.

    Ok i've said my part now what do you people think is your best and worst emotion?

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    Re: Emotions

    1: What is your favorite Emotion?
    My favorite emotion is happiness. When I am happy, I feel like I’m on top of the world and nothing can hold me back. I normally feel this when I’m in love or when I’m with my friends. I always find happiness when I’m with my equal, or better half. To be honest I have not really felt that way in a long time now. So my main happiness comes from being around my friends.

    2: What is your worst emotion you feel?
    Pain. Plain and simple. Pain comes in so many forms that it’s ridicules. Pain can be emotional which will just bring us down and cause us to feel like the world is on our shoulders. I know it does that to me. Then I feel it physically, sometimes it just feels like a knife is being stabbed into us over and over again in the spot that hurts. I feel pain after a breakup, after loosing a loved one, and right after I fall or get cut with something sharp.

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