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Thread: Emotions, Helpful or bad?

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    Re: Emotions, Helpful or bad?

    I agree with Miroku444, if people would be totaly with no emotions they wouldn't have any dreams and hopes either- they would be like Ray said- robots. I guess we would just do things that would help us survive, or would we even? I think I'd find no reason to live if I had no emotions- no love...

    I think emotions is what makes us what we are. And, again as Ray kinda said, we just have to be able to always look on the bright side of life, for these emotions not to get in our way...

    Well, emotions get in my way a lot, they overtake me and I just hate it!!! I ussually even understand there is no reason to be upset and that the next day everything will be alright again, but I can't help it!!! It's especially annoying when I know it's just my hormons... my period

    But, from the other hand, my emotions make my life better in many cases, it's like my defence mechanisms- when I'm upset there is no way I can hide it, even if I want to, and therefore.. people just leave me alone, stop attacking me, or even help me feel better again... Yea... so it has its good side Though I'd rather have the nerve to just buzz people off..

    @ anime being good:
    Yes, but, from the other hand, if you will only kill if you feel hatered towards someone... or... if you're very hungry... but humans can hunt so...
    And, if there are no emotions, people wouldn't crave for as much as we do, we wouldn't be wanting monew and other things and therefore... I believe there might be less crime that caused because of the humanly needs created by emotions...
    I agree though, that nowadays, love does change the world...

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    Re: Emotions, Helpful or bad?

    Emotions is a major part of a humans personality. With is we can love and all the etc. But with no emotions, your hardly even human, only by flesh and blood. And a robot is a good word to describe it as

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    Re: Emotions, Helpful or bad?

    no ... i wouldn't get red of any of my emotions .. there's a connect between them anyway so even if we had the ability to take one and leave another it wouldn't have worked out ... as it is known the more emotional someone is the more his doing is closer to the less perfection in most types of things (except the ones related to the emotions themselves) but on the other hand it had the major negativity to positivity if removed ...
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