right im a really big fan of escape the fat untill they kicked ronnie radke out a while ago now cos of the drugs and he got put in jail
from what i hear in from the jail interview max was in on it too and he just landed ronnie in it! (me dont like max green anymore)

but they said it was so that the band would become stronger and better but that new guy crag is just trying to be like ronnie he jumped of a stage and broke his leg tryin to jump of the stage like ronnie does....

and there is only 2 songs i like from what crage sings "the flood" and "Ashley" and with ronnie i LOVE all the songs ronnie had the worlds best voice i love it i could listin to him all day!

but who else thinks that escape the fates made a BIG mistake in dumping ronnie for crag ...cos i most deffo do

( although ronnie is in a new bad now not sure on the name tho...)