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Thread: ESP: is it real?

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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    i have to belive in esp, i've seen it firsthand (from a friend in school, no special effects there). he could magnetize his body almost at will (like say "on" and "off" and it was so), too wierd, he would attach random metal objects to the back of his hand then they would fall off, hover and then come back to his hand

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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    Yes it is real, yes there are an awful lot of fakes out there.

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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    I think that ESP exists to a certain extent. Perhaps it's not as apparent or as "paranormal" as we tend to think of it. For example, my best friend and I often say the same things at the same time or one of us will ask a question that the other was just about to ask. I've had dreams that have come true in various degrees. On many occassions (hasn't happened as often now because I don't watch TV as often) I would think about a particular television program and a particular episode and I would turn the TV on and that episode would be on.
    Some people are more intuned with their senses. I believe it is that intuition that brings about this so called "ESP."
    Why do pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell? Why can mothers do impossible things like lift cars when their child is in danger? Some things can't be explained, but that does not discredit their validity.


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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    hey wolf of the north you like the movie princess mononoke too
    how close are you too wolves

    oh and esp is real the main reason people who have it dont show it is because of the sceptics that are out there always putting them down

    i have a lower form of esp and i have used ki to heighten the senses in my nose to pick up certaint scents
    fear me
    i am lycan other kin

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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    As an interesting fact I was reading on my book the experience of John Byrne (2003) the comics writer: "Six months afterhis Spider-Man story about a NY blackout appeared, NY suffered its massive blackout. A subsequent Spider-Man storyline involved a major earthquake in Japan 'and again', he recalls, 'the real thing happened in the month the issue hit the stands.' Later, when working on a Superman comic book, he 'had the man of steel fly to the rescue when a disaster beset the NASA space shuttle. The Challenger tragedy happened almost immediately thereafter' (with the time of the issue to be redrawn). "Most recently, and chilling, came when I was writing and drawing Wonder Woman and did a story in which the title character was killed as a prelude to her becoming a godess." The issue cover "was done as a newspaper front page, with the headline 'Princess Diana Dies' (Diana is Wonder Woman's real name.) That issue went on sale on a Thursday. The following Saturday... 'I don't have to tell you, do I?"

    I don't know how to really explain this events... it would be easy to say "coincidence" but... there would be 4 extrange coincidences.....
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    Re: ESP: is it real?

    Well, don't we have an interesting topic here. I'll try to answer the best I can...

    Quote Originally Posted by lebasiara View Post
    "Will all those who believe in psychokinesis please raise my hand?" (Myers, Exploring Psychology 7th edition)

    Hello AOers!!!! I was wondering about what do you guys think about ESP (extrasensory perception)? Are there truly people who can read minds, see through walls or fortell the future?
    To me it's very true. I've been in a few situations which defy other exlpinations, but I'll get to those later...

    Quote Originally Posted by lebasiara View Post
    1. I have never heard the news of an individual that "sees" the future winning the lotery.
    To be honest, would you really want to stand up & take that kinda publicity? You'll get all kinds of people looking for any way to prove you a fraud, a few who will latch on to you to get their hands on some of the action/money, newspapers hounding you to get the story, etc. Personally, I'd prefer to just quietly take the money, then select my next set of numbers when it starts running low, keeping out of the spotlight. Funnily enough, I do have the best lotto win/loss ratio of anyone I know, even though it was only small amounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by lebasiara View Post
    2. The 9/11 events. They were going to affect the whole world... why none of the people that claim they have ESP warned about it? and if Nostradamus really precicted it why no one did anything to stop it?
    Lacking a better way of explaining it, I'll try using the Terminator movies as an example. In T1 they send back Arnold (sp?) to kill Sarah Conner while the Resistance sends back the other guy (name flies out of brain), who becomes John's father, & Sarah lives. T2, Cyberdine sends back another assassin, Arnold gets sent back, teams up with Connors & blows up all research into producing Cyberdine's chips, supposedly removing the threat of Judgment Day from the future. Then comes T3, & we learn Judgment Day is inevitable, & all they did was stall it.

    Some would say some events are like Judgment Day from the Terminator movies. No matter what happens, they are going to happen, whether you like it or not. Perhaps if someone has foreseen WW2 & shot Hitler, all those Jews would still be living, but instead WW2 happens today, with modern technology, causing even more devastation, leaving no corner of the world untouched. Perhaps during the Korean War (I believe?), a certain rocket hadn't of been launched while the aircraft was still on the Carrier, causing a huge fire & detonating several WW2 bombs due to be used later that day, the event claiming a good few lives. However, without that event, the importance of safety, even in the middle of a war, would not have become so well known & with the power of modern weapons, something even worse could have happened.

    As for Nostradamus, it's interesting you brought that one up. I was working at an OP shop when someone handed in a book about him, written early nineties. Though I can't find it at the moment, I clearly remember it talks about how almost all the predictions that have come true weren't understood until after the event. The big thing about Nostradamus is that because he lived in the time of the Spanish Inquisition, who "Interrogated" or just outright tortured & killed anyone they deemed heretical, plus how some of them predicted the death of the very royalty he was writing them for, he had to be very careful how he worded his predictions. He tended to write in little poem like verses, changing letters, subtly mentioning places for events, referring to people by titles he makes up for them, comparing things in his visions to things in the world around him, all to disguise the true meanings behind them.

    They go on to try to predict themselves which of his quatrains as they're called are going to come true. They mention a few, but one stands right out to me big time. I still can't find it right now (where the F^(% is it!!!), but basically it is yet another of the 4 verse versions he wrote, which says something about crumbling towers, or something along those lines, on an pretty precise date, especially for him. Then, 2 years & 2 months after the date, guess which towers came crashing down...

    And yes, I know for a fact the book came out in the 90's because it has the print date on it,& also because if I remember correctly, that's when I got it...

    Quote Originally Posted by lebasiara View Post
    3. Those that predict anyone else's dead and the world's... can they tell you when are they going to die and how?
    I'll admit I don't know much about this part of it, though I have heard of people saying this date & that date. this is where I say though I believe in the existence of ESP & other stuff along those lines, it's the people I'm skeptical about. there are some frauds out there, just out to benefit themselves...

    I myself have had a few encounters with this kinda stuff, plus even freakier (& I'm pretty hard to freak out). I won't mention them all, but i might go with one. Back when I was a little kid, I only ever had a few nightmares. One that stuck in my mind, was one where some teen was riding along the footpaths near what was then my primary school, with me watching from a sidescroll perspective, like in the Super Mario games. As he rode up to a side street, a car quite literally came out of nowhere & the 2 slammed together hard. I knew it came from nowhere cause I could see down the street before it appeared & slammed him. Years later, as a teenager myself, I was riding along to pick my sister up from school. Riding along, I was about 500 meters away from where the teen got hit when a car came out from along side a high brick fence, only 1.5/2 meters (3 feet) ahead of me, & I crashed into it exactly like the teen in my dream. I didn't have any time to react, it just appeared out of nowhere, just like the car coming out of the street. Even today, I can show you the exact street I saw in the dream, then walk you a few minutes to show you where I earned my elbow scar caused by 30 stitches pulling a gaping hole closed.

    I have had a good few more, but I think this post is long enough already. Maybe next time...

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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