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Thread: Fame

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    Otaku Sneakyarrow is off to a good start Sneakyarrow's Avatar
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    Re: Fame

    I would hate to be famous. So many people watching you, so many columnists writing lies about you... I'd hate it. I don't blame celebrities for doing drugs... Disgustingly rich? I could deal with that.

    Est Sularis oth Mithas
    Going home soon.

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    God's Little Girl blue_rebel may be famous one day blue_rebel may be famous one day blue_rebel's Avatar
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    Re: Fame

    I think I'd like to be famous for a bit, but I don't think I'd be able to handle being followed
    by paps with cameras. It'd be cooler to be the "anonymous" kind of famous... you know,
    kind of like how Hans Zimmer is super well-known but isn't stalked by paparazzi? Yeah.
    That sort of famous.

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    AO #1 (fill in the blank) KungFu Basil Champion, Lost In The Jungle Champion, Heli Attack 2 Champion basilisk888 is off to a good start basilisk888's Avatar
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    Re: Fame

    I would rather die right now then be famous... so manny eyes looking at you every moment of your life arg... just i would rather die and thats that...
    Last edited by basilisk888; Sep 30, 2008 at 01:03 PM.
    death and life are one and the same

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