Suddenly, I feel a pinch on my back... <.__.>

Is that a picture of Gackt or.. who? <T_T>

Thank you everyone for replying in this thread. I'm awed by the many differences that people take from their family. <o_o>
So the sheep's turn has come, eh? Baa~

Do you look exactly like your mother, father or other family members?
Some people say that I am the black sheep of the family. I don't resemble much from my mother, father and brother (as well as other relatives)

However, there are people who say that I have my father's looks. Mostly the body structure (Thin and tall). Also, there are people who said that I look like my mother..
With that, I get lots of uncertain comments. <T_T>

What are the talents and specialty did you inherit from your family's genes?
My lousy-maths skills is apparently taken from my mother. Other than that, I don't inherit much talents and skills from my family. I do thing that they can't.
E.g: I'm the only sprinter and artist in the family history.

Who do you wish to resemble most in your family?
(Laughs) I want my mother big boobs.
Nothing more.

- end -
Sorry for the lame response. Skip this post!