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Thread: a fathers contact after 17 years of nothing...

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    a fathers contact after 17 years of nothing...

    ok heres some background to my current situation...My father, a man i thought i knew and could trust basicly shattered my happy little world a little over 17 years ago, when he left on a business trip back over seas and never returned. Apperently he had a mistress over seas. The fact that my mother would sooner die than convert to becoming muslim, hell so would I, come to think of it (we're christian) and she sure as hell wasnt becoming wife number 2, and he ran up enourmous debt before leaving. that time at the airport was the last time i have set my eyes upon him.
    I never heard from him again.
    i went thru some hard times and buried myself in school, going from 0-13th period-2 extra periods of highschool, still not sure how i managed that. but it kept me away from a home that was missing my father in it. my mother, being the head strong woman she is, plowed on with her life, and tried to keep my spirit up.
    But he never contacted me, no phone calls, no letters, nothing. its like he was dead, but at least with death its a finality that would at least give some kinda closure.
    after high school i finaly had enough courage to write to him. my god father knew where he was. i got one letter back, and that was it...17 years and the only time he bothered to contact me was after i contacted him first...
    ok so thats the background, now the problem i am currently facing.
    News thru the grapevine says he is trying to get back into the US, but currently cant, since the IRS are rather curious about his whereabouts. and my godfather outa the blue came to my workplace for a visit...hes never done that before...
    but it looks like after 17 years hes (my father) going to try and contact me..of all things to help him get back into the, heres my thing...i dont know weather i want to hug him or knock his a@@ on the floor...let alone what i would do if he suddenly showed up at my work...i know right now i am not going to help anyone get into the states...if anything happens i aint gonna get my named dragged though the crapper...but im at a loss on how to handle this. i personaly had given up on him...why push when nothing pushes back...and i just learned that he has 2 kids overseas...i now have 2 half somthings out there somewhere, besides my older ideal what to do about that either. i hold no malice or ill will to them, its not their fault that they were born into my little mess...but im just at a loss on what to do...
    any help would be appreciated...
    o yeah, i think there are other avenues in which he can pursue to get here, but i think im the best beat so far...
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    Re: a fathers contact after 17 years of nothing...

    Blog/diary/journal material.

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