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Thread: Favorite Book

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    Favorite Book

    What's your favorite book of all?
    And how many days/nights did you finished it?

    My favorite books of all are the Bible, Hopscotch by Kevin Anderson and Orcs by... (dunno).

    I haven't finished the Bible yet. But soon.

    I finished the book Hopscotch in 3 weeks and two days during school hours and it had 200+ pages.

    And Orcs in aboput three nights. (Non-stop reading, and it was good.) It had 300+ pages in it.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    "His Dark Materials" by Phillip Pullman. (Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass). I've read them all 4 times now and I actually own three sets... one on either side of the ocean and one to lend out. They're really remarkable books. Certainly much more challenging than Harry Potter, in every possible sense.

    "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle. The book I remember most fondly from my childhood and the first honest-to-goodness novel I ever read...

    "The Shining" by Stephen King. The book my 12th AP grade teacher used (to our parents' horror and our collective shock) to prove that any novel could be analyzed as literature. She was my favorite teacher ever... and passed away from cancer a few years later. I'll never forget her courage in teaching it (and her persistance in convincing our parents to let us read it at all) or how creeped out that book had me the night I stayed up all night to read it cover-to-cover.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    well i dont read much or good but i would have to agree with the bible but also not done.

    But other than that i would have to say fight club by chuck palahniuk and it took me like a mounth the first time i read it but thats good for me cus i dont really read, o and by the way it is much better than the movie but the movie still my favorit movie.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    My favorites r "The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper, I've always loved this book and it took me a while ta read it. "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, the book gave me chills when I first read it. "The Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkien, I remember readin' this book as a kid and it got me hooked on Tolkien as a result. "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice, ta me; the best book that she's ever written. "The Gunslinger" by Stephen King, incredible book that I, unfortunately, lost. "Elminister in Hell" by Ed Greenwood, never been a big Ed Greenwood fan, but as far as his books go, it's one of his better ones. And lastly; "The Two Swords" by R.A. Salvatore, a nice conclusion ta the "Hunter's Blade Trilogy," some of his greatest work ever. I've been a big fan of Salvatore's for a while and have enjoyed all of his books that I've read.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    umm i love twilight. ^^ yes i do. umm it took me like a week to finish that book and like 3 days to complete new moon.lol.
    and umm i think 2 weeks to finish Eclipse only cause i was very buisy at the moment. >.<
    so yea the twilight series is my fav.lol. >.< but Eclipse would be my fav of the three. ^^
    and of course the bible. lol. so yea.lol.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    That is such a hard question for me to answer......because I would have to list around 300 hundred books or so and that would take me around 2 weeks to type up.....lol
    But my top series would be the Anita Blake Series written by Laurell. K. Hamilton because she is an amazing author and she has so much action in those books...and right now 15 books in the series and each book takes me about 1 day to read if there are no disturbances......
    Also another one of my favorites would have to be the Dark-Hunter series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon because she has everything from vampires to demons to werewolves to witches in those series and the books have an amazing plot...I highly recommend those books by her and I have read each book (12 books so far) and each book takes me around 6 or 7 hours to read.....

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    Re: Favorite Book

    Too many favorite books, really.

    One I really like, though, is Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. If any of you have read Terry Pratchett, you'll know his work is amazingly funny -- unless, of course, you're one of the sad cases who just don't get British humor (just kidding, I myself don't get American humor, and I'm trying to survive in NYC). I do like Pratchett's Discworld series in general, but my favorite books from the series are the ones that focus significantly on DEATH (the character). His books are an addiction, really, kind of like Enid Blyton's books. When I was little I would read 1-2 Enid Blyton books a day, and I'd keep bugging my mom to go buy more. It's the same with the Discworld novels, only they're longer and more complicated.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    My favourtie book would have to be the harry Potter series, they own all. Now that it's ended i ahgve nothing else to read which really spoils my learning. I also enjoyed lemony Snicket but was never able to finish the series or buy all the books, probably because they were so hard ot find around England I can get them all now at ym public libary but i dont have the time now and seriously i cant be bothered either.

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