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Thread: Favorite Book

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    Re: Favorite Book

    I'm not much of a reader but when i find something good i read it
    My favorite book is "Before We Were Free" is a Historical fiction story that takes place in the Dominican Republic when it was under dictatorial rule.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    Well, there is one book that i read in the video game TES IV: Oblivion.

    It was entitled "The Armorer's Challenge" or something like that.

    it was basically how it sounds. two armorer's against eachother, and one becomes really arrogant and flashy with his design, while the other studies the land the armor will be used in and uses intellegence, simplicity, and efficiency over flashiness and pride.

    it definately gives a good lesson to study, eh?
    I really wish they'd release a compilation of the books in Oblivion, as I definately think they are wonderful. The Armorers Challenge is probably one of my favorites as well.

    And since the books are smaller than most fictional reading material, I find them easier to digest, and thusly more addictive to read.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    Ugh. I'll have to do a top 5 for this one, I love to read.
    1) the first four books of the Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan, very well done epic/fantasy. The later books start adding to many plot thread for my taste and rarely resolved any satisfactorily. Each book usually took me a few days to read, they're so massive.
    2) The Davinci Code, can't remember the author off the top of my head. It was a mystery with a lot of information. I know I'll have people arguing over the accuracy of the info. But whether it is accurate or not is irrelevent. It is a mystery after all and sold in the Fiction section. Took me about 14 hours to read it.
    3) The Mancer novels by Callender, he's created a very interesting world here with doses of comedy splashed in to keeep the story moving along. Each book took me about 12 hours to read.
    4) The Finder's Stone Trilogy for the Forgotten Realms, a very fun read. Each book took me about 14 hours to read.
    5) Mutineer's Moon by David Weber, a sci/fi book telling about aliens in Antarctica and the moon is one massive camouflaged spaceship. Took me about 13 hours to finish it.

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    Re: Favorite Book

    I also forgot to put down the Da Vinci code and Angels and demons by Dan brown ( i disagree with how the movie for the book was done). I also like the prince and his discourses by machiavelli ( my first book report i know but it was a requirement so it's unforgetable for me) and little prince.
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