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Thread: favorite/most hated job

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    Re: favorite/most hated job

    my worst job was painting the exterior of houses to pay for school. It was horrible.. eight hours a day in the blazing sun and ony $10 an hour

    As for a best job... well I haven't really had a job I liked because to get into the jobs I like I need at least a certificate of trades...
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    Re: favorite/most hated job

    well, my favorite job was working at a hair salon in the mall. it belonged to Soshi's mom. i could get a pay advance when i needed it, anything i would need or want to buy was right there, good food. the work was stessful for a total of twenty minutes all day becuz everyone would rush at you at the same time. besides that, best job ever!

    worst job... that would have to be my first job working for Fusoh Aviation Inc., USA... it was 45 minutes away during the summer when i couldn't see my honey at all. my Supervisor was kindof a bitch (why are you making me calculate shipments?! i don't know what the hell i'm doing! i told you i was bad at math!), but everyone else was nice (mostly Japanese people worked their cuz it was a Japanese company)...

    ^_^my last job was inbetween becuz the work sucked (stamping books for 7 1/2 hours sucks), but everyone was really nice!

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    Re: favorite/most hated job

    I've only had one job, and it was volunteer work but I loved it. I was making elephant ears at a booth for a hospital during a fair, and even though I received a very painful injury on my last day - four of my fingers were fully sumbmerged into a deepfrier - I was still very thankful for getting the oppurtunity.
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