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Thread: Fears

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    Re: Fears

    Most of my fears are similar to Aleister simply on the fact that it combines fear with hate.

    1) Death - Not so much because that I am afrade of the after life and what that mite be as I will find out eventuly, but rather because I want to see what happens next in life and how we all evolve as a species as well as our technology, and other life that we share the void of outer space with. Will we meat them and if we do, what will they be like, that sorta thing, and I hate not being able to find out.

    2) People - Most of the wolrds population I greatly dislike do to how ignorant and stupid every one is. The lak of commen sense is astounding and insulting. I generaly dont like meating new people because I give every one the benifit of the doubt, and try the best I can to get along with, witch is almost every one but just their stupidity, short sitedness, and over all behavure to others regardless of gender or race ends up being disgusting and my fear is that some day I will be like them if I am around them to much which terrifise me.

    3) My self - I have a great distane for my self. Most likely my lak of ability to do anything right in life and just not being able to fined my place. I also hate the fact that many times I know what needs to be done but wont do it because I am so use to failing. Its very depressing for me and it pisses me off to no end all at the same time, so there is no drive, no motivation. And thus is another branch off as to why I fear and hate people because most have the power to better them selves but they throw it all away for some pointless garbage.

    4) Making friends - This is a combination of 2 and 3. I dont like people because I dont trust them but at the same time I want to help them but I fear that I will let them down. And what kills me more then failing my self is failing others. I want to be usefull, to be able to be there for people to feel like they can realy on and trust me to get the job done or to simply be there for them and give usefull advice. I have no fear of people letting me down, in fact I expect it.

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    Re: Fears

    i would have to say in my top 5...

    1.) myself: i fear the things i'm capable of when i'm afraid or upset or depressed and so on. i fear the potential withing me therefore i fear myself in every way.

    2.) being alone: i fear almost as much as i fear myself that i will end up alone and forgotten by the world. i fear that because i am who i am people will reject me and in the end even animals wont remember me when i'm gone.

    3.) death before fufillment: i fear that i may die before i've fufilled my purpose in life or even began to enjoy life to its fullest.

    4.) rejection: i hate the idea of rejection because it makes me feel like i'm less than human when people i want to be around dont want me around. it makes me feel as if i'm beneath them and not worthy of their time and makes me feel that if i'm not good enough then... well, see #2.

    5.) loss: i fear loseing someone or something close to me and never being able to get it back. i feel that if i where to lose the most important person in my life right now i would shut down inside and then i really would be less than human because i feel that our emotions define our humanity. without emotions, we're walking rotting corpses with little more than animal instincts.

    those have to be my top 5 biggest fears. there are a lot of smaller ones like heights and such but these 5 are the foremost in my mind on the constant. they're not in order or anything because i really dont know what my biggest fear is but they're all pretty daunting in my life.
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    Re: Fears

    Here is my only fear, others I can actually do to get rid of it lol,

    Confronting, that is my only fear out of all things really. its just I have a hard explaining this crazy situations lol.

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    Re: Fears

    ah, well I don't fear too much....but here are some of them!

    1. Being Alone-I hate to be alone...one time at school I was really mad at all of my friends, and there was no one to talk to...I almost cried right there in school...

    2. Rejection-Oh, my. I hate being rejected! It upsetes me so much, and since I hate to cry, I try to avoid being rejected at all costs....

    3. Balconies-If I stand on the edge of a balcony, I start to get realllyyy dizzy and start swaying and I feel like I'm about to fall. I try to avoid them. But I'm not scared of being on a rooof...meh, weird....

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    Re: Fears

    Nothing really but if i was out in the middle of the ocean under water with a Great white who is hungary and has not ate for a week thats what iw ould be scareed off.

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    Re: Fears

    My number one fear would be my past and the horrible mistakes that I made and I fear that they will come back and ruin my life all over again....
    I fear love because it is a very powerful force that can be helpful but at the same time destructive..and it can be very confusing also.....
    I fear not having order in my life...because without order and stability my life would be in pieces that would be very hard to put back........
    I fear of my dreams and pursuits not becoming true because without dreams...I am nothing...and I would like to make in impact in this world....

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    Re: Fears

    i fear being alone ..... i hate being alone because i love talking to my friends or anyone and i like joking with everybody ..... and being alone my first fear in my life
    i fear that i can never make my dreams real ..... you can say half my life depend on my dreams ..... and that my second fear
    i far love little ..... i fear love because i don't know what i have to do with the one i love and how i can make him happy ..... and this my third fear .... =^_^=
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    Re: Fears

    ok here are my fears in order from least to most

    8.falling off a high cliff
    7.going some place alone with the guy I have a huge crush on
    6.the visions I have in my dreams
    5.people hating me
    4.being rejected
    3.dieong before i acomplish what i have set for myself
    2.being alone
    1.losing everyone I love and care for.

    I fear those things because they are just scary to me.
    loseing everyone would be like loseing my life.
    lonlyness is bad either way
    my life goals failing i would never forgive myself even in death
    rejection is just hard on me
    people that hate me i feel uncomfortable around them
    the visions that i have are terrible. My moms side of the family have visions of the past or future and it creeps me out to see what my great grandma saw.

    Don't trust me....

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