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Thread: Fears

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    Re: Fears

    1. clowns, don't ask me why but they scare me to death and they're really creepy with their s tupid grins and painted faces >.>
    2. twinkies, I was in the play grease and I played jan (shes the bit**y one) and you had to eat twinkies because she loves them i have always hated them, so i had to eat 1 box per performance and i always hated them to begin with, and I started having nightmares about them killing me and ever since i have been terrified!
    3. carrots my little brother thought it would be funny to see how many carrots he could stick down the garbage disposal and then it exploded and literally sent carrots shooting every where! I took forever(3 days) to clean it all up and it always felt like you had little bits of carrots crawling all over you like little bugs *shudder*

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    Re: Fears

    Hmmm. spders. and tornaodes, yet i want to be a meteorologist. yeah, I am not fraid of hights I have always wanted to skydive, but i just haven't I'll wait till i am older. but yeah minly spiders, probly ever scince i was bitten by one and my leg sweeled up i thought i was going to die! lol well yeah!
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