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Thread: Fighting for Space

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    lol thats true and theres already a online game like that Darkpirates.com
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    Re: Fighting for Space

    Quote Originally Posted by Eria View Post
    I don't think so, there is so many groups and what not in place to prevent WWIII.
    Another "World War" is bound to happen, they can only procrastinate it, I say.

    Mehh, I wonder how many people who think there would be a war were thinking Gundam Wing, Star Wars (That'd be pretty kick ass, won't lie). I mean I did for a moment in pure fantasy. I could see a war, just not in space...more like "Oh Em Gee, they are trying to take MY SPACE(no pun intended x.X')!!! Destroy their Country! (A.K.A Destroy America!)"

    That's just my view, huge disputs and political BS (I wish I was an Honest Politician...I'd still be hated just as equally - Random) then BAM, people going for their throats.

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    Quote Originally Posted by basilisk888 View Post
    ok I have to ask what was that bull sh*t about???? what were you think posting that???? ya know people in germany are not all like hitler!!!!!
    Not where I was going bud, calm down.

    And my point exactly, space cannot be owned by ONE group of people. War will happen, as Aleister stated, it's bound to happen. We can only procrastinate, but that's it.

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    War is Human nature. Until we can come together as one world undivided, then yes there will be wars fought in space. Heck, you cannot even drive down the road and not want kill someone. As far as the first come first severed goes, we have already seen that back in the 60's when man was shooting for the moon. I can see in the future there
    being wars fought over the Moon, Mars, and even Europa, one of Jupiters' moons. Man even fights over the stupidest things, so you know they're just itching to fight over space.

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    Space is more then big enough for all of us. Lets face it, in the grand scheme of things, Human beings are minute specs of dust when compared to the Earth, let alone space it self.

    That and what you're talking about in this thread won't be happening for another few centuries, unless we develope some new source of fuel or power, allowing us to do so.

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    oh... ok...

    no most likely not all of space... but mybe some of it... like some people might try to claim one plant and others the next... who knows?

    also the time it takes to get to another "habitable" place is well... alot longer then we have...
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    Re: Fighting for Space

    Whithey! ^^ Been long since i last saw you.. @.@ don't you miss old ray?

    Well... space eh? I've always wanted to live in space... I mean.. that is the most mysterious and the most beautiful place that ever exists... It's tantalizing just to think about floating up there... the heck.. i even dreamed of having sex on 0 gravity... imagine that.. *grins*

    Well.. war? On space? Well.. it will happen if our species is not wiped out by something... because this will take lots of time before we actually live up there and start killing and shooting people up and meeting new living creature on other planets... to think about it... our beautiful planet would be a tragic place to live in i bet... only certain people will get the priority to go and the "skunks" of the planet are left... i bet things will be pretty bad...

    My theory is that wherever there is wants and needs.. there will be war.. as long there is something to trigger it...

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    Re: Fighting for Space

    Here is an idea, yes war is bound to happen and sh*t will hit the fan but now with space flight we can literally take it out side as in out side of Earth and have a star wars/home world/star trek/star gate/EVE/ what ever kind of space battle... Which I will sadly admit like Aliester would be pretty cool to see... Unless they start doing orbital bombardment then it wouldn’t be very cool any more.

    Yes I already know that the US and Russia are constructing space plains but the thing is that they will be made for low orbital flight on the edge of the atmosphere, so they will be relatively small and no they still wont zip around because if they tried they could be flung out into space and hope to god would only be stuck in orbit, that or they would burn up in the atmosphere because gravity would pull them down in an angle that would cause them burn up. Not to mention if even the craft survives the combat but has taken damage, just one or so of those heat tiles is damaged the craft will burn up upon reentry. So Aerospace fighters will be only good for low orbital and atmospheric flight, but as for the actual space combat out side the atmosphere is where the big boys will be because they would be to big and have to much mass to do low orbital flight so close to the planet. And because objects in space have no weight, we can build them as big as we want.
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