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Thread: First Avatars

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    First Avatars

    I know some members don't care what their avatar is and don't change them at all for that fact. I also know that other people just like a change of scenery so they change their avatars like twice a day. I like mine so much that I don't think I'll ever change it! Anyways, my question is really for the newer members, but maybe for more older members. Do you think you'll keep the avatar you originaly chose for the rest of your time here on AO or do you plan on changing really soon? If you plan on keeping your avatar, why? What intices you so much about your avatar that you would want to keep it?

    For me, I love Rio-Oki! In this avatar, she is so cute and I just don't want to forget such a good picture of her! There is another good picture of her that I was thinking about but I'm afraid of losing this one.

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    Re: First Avatars

    well my avatar is my current mood. but if given the chance to make myown avatar i will make one for me to fit my personality
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    Re: First Avatars

    mine usually reflects on either my mood, or how i want to "portray" myself at that given moment, i am currently "emo" if you will, and i really enjoy death note, so it fits i suppose..plus i tend to chamge my avatars/signatures quite often

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    Re: First Avatars

    well, mine right now is not my original. my original was the "nani?" one.

    i wanted an anime i knew though, but i couldnt find that right one here on AO

    then yasmine helped me out by making me the icon i have now!

    and i dont think ill be changing that anytime soon
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    You's Trollin Pro Leafblower Champion, Helicopter Champion ketaro is making a name for themselves ketaro is making a name for themselves ketaro's Avatar
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    Re: First Avatars

    The first avatar i used in this site when i signed up was a small picture of Sasuke with his hidden leaf ninja head protector thingy. I usually change my avatars when i get bored of them. If i find lulzy avatars in the internets i use them here. For instance the one i have right now is freaking lulzy as hell

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    Re: First Avatars

    Lol, I think I changed my avatar three times. >.< Forth may come soon.. I like to change my avatars some time some soon according to how I might feel that if I want a change or not.

    I think I had this avatar for the longest time. =/ And the funny thing is I don't really like the colour green that much. ._.'

    But I think I'm too lazy to make another avatar of mine and I don't like to use other avatars. xD

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    AO #1 (fill in the blank) KungFu Basil Champion, Lost In The Jungle Champion, Heli Attack 2 Champion basilisk888 is off to a good start basilisk888's Avatar
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    Re: First Avatars

    I've only changed my pic. once but I think this one is here to stay (mybe) ^.^
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    Re: First Avatars

    When I get my 100 posts I am changing mine but then it will probably stay that way until I get creative and some time and make my own.

    I'm just me.

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