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Thread: --First born--

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    Re: --First born--

    Hmmm I really think they might expect more from the eldest. And i guess they give more attention to the youngest 'cuz they barely know us from before? Idk o.o
    Well im the third one from four kids. But i think its okay that they dont pay much attention ^^

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    Re: --First born--

    wel i have a older brother and sister and then its me and too other sisters., bu its not like my parents shows one person more love thatn they do the other, its the same, but my brother they treat him a little more tought than they do the girls but thats cause he's a boy. i dont think there really no prefrences. well in my house at that. the girls left in the house we get away with alot more stuff than my other 2 brother and sisters and were spoiled thats about it.

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    Re: --First born--

    Parents show their children equal amount of love, how ever there is a difference in the way they are treated and raised but loveing one child over the other really doesnt have anything to do with it.

    Its a proven fact that the first born has it the roughest. Your the first child and it takes a while for the parents to get the whole parenting bit down, so they are basicly winging it and flying by the seat of their pants because you are their first.

    With the second and third child the parents have a good swing of things. As some one mentioned, parents will usaly try to be much less harsh on their second child sense they now know what to do and expect for the most part. Unfortunatly this much more layed back approuch has a draw back in that the parents may become to laxed and less stricked and diveloped appesment methads witch rewards the younger child for bad behaviore, to make the child stop crying, to make them happy or to keep them quiet. This means the younger child will be much more of a brat and selfish.

    My younger brother was a bit of a brat and I had to wip him into shape, I did this at a young age with him and now he isant to much of a jerk, he still has a bit of an ego on him and has the world revolves around me mentality, but he his far more carring and considerate then he use to be.
    My baby brother, the youngest of the three of us. He was soooooooooo spoild it was rediculouse, and still is to some exstent. My brother is usualy the one who took the stop being the brat roll and I play the reff to make sure it doesnt get out of hand. Of cores our parents play a huge roll but my brothers and I tend to settle thing between our selves.

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