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Thread: First Kiss

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    Re: First Kiss

    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeGeek View Post
    omg! that's like the perfect kissing story! how cute! :3 my was... not nice T.T=3
    You make it sound perfect! "kissing me tenderlly and carefully" lol and u say it wasn't that good? haa haa mine wasn't the best. Yours was straight out of a romance novel and mine was straight out of a comedy. X0

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    Re: First Kiss

    My first kiss was actually this past summer.

    I was at a national talent competition and met this boy from england.
    The competition was for one week.
    We would pass by each other and he'd always give me a kiss on the cheek.
    The last night there was the dance. I wanted to dance with him, but couldn't because he was surrounded by all these girls. So I waited for him when the 'night' was over. We walked around the pool deck at the hotel and talked.. were joined by a few of his friends and my friend.
    The next morning was the last day of the competition. He would be leaving back to England, and I would be going back to my house..

    That morning we both saw each other for a few seconds on the pool deck and we walked around some.. and then we kissed.

    It was cute.

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    Re: First Kiss

    mine was nothing special, actually it felt like ive done it before, like i was experinced at it already when i knew it was my first...weird.lol

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    Re: First Kiss

    Quote Originally Posted by boldragon View Post
    I haven't even have a girlfriend. Lol. Not because i'm gay or shy i just feel like paying more attention to school and passing. Also girlfriends cost alot. J/K
    Actually you are right. Though, it depends on the type of girl you are dating. Some girls like expensive things, however, there are few that actually get happy with whatever you give them.

    First kiss huh! Well, i haven't gotten one yet. I am just to busy with life, work and school that i don't have to think about chicks. Though, lately some chick has been hitting on me. I don't i might ask her out and try my first kiss experience with her.

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