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Thread: Flash-Back

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    Have you ever had a funny flashback at the most random of times?

    Like: I had a flash-back talking to my grandma about how my first boyfriend burped the alphabet to me because I bet him five bucks he couldnt(he won).

    Then I had another one the bus about my crush breaking his drum sticks during a performance(he kept playing though).

    What is your funniest random flashback? (must included place and what the flashback was about.
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    Re: Flash-Back

    I had one lastnight about my ex and I going to see a world premiere of a movie and I just had to chuckle
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    Re: Flash-Back

    Not recently.
    I don't have these "spurs of memory" like most people.
    I usually don't dream(Or remember them, as my parents put it), nor do I look back at things (partially due to my personality) so it's not quite often that I "Flash back." Though I times I will reminisce, I usually don't remind myself like said question presented.

    If I had to try and Identify one, it'd probably be a time where I was with a bunch of friends and we just screwed around for a good long while. It was some of the most fun I've had outside my house in a long time. Though like I said, It's only vague at this point now.
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    Re: Flash-Back

    Lately I had a flash back of responsibility.

    I was reminded of the time I was babysititng after Easter and these kids each got a baby chicken. One of the kids left the house door open and their dog ate 2 of the chickens and the 3rd one kinda died a day later.

    Anyways it was just so funny because those kids thought it was like the end of the world that their baby chickens had died. They were majorly overreacting, I was all like "What do you think you had for dinner?"

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    Re: Flash-Back

    My mother who is hot tempered had woke up and srated complaining about everything my father was doing. He just turned to her and said, "nice to see you to dear." I randomly mentioned that a few days ago.

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