For a myspace comment? OMG yeah it's very annoying but i wont go that far. Still if they threaten your life as princesslady said then yeah,defend yourself. That's what they think is now "Cool" Other girls use little bratty attitudes while others ALWAYS say "Don't get an attitude with me little girl" That is very annoying. But whatever.

The should have defended herself. If the girl was stubborn and didn't want to talk,then she should said "ok bring it on,you wanna threaten me then let's go!".

poor girl. 6-1 Then the other b*tch was saying"Dont hit the shelf" Break her Darn Shelf! Maybe she'll cry just like that girl. She has a support page on Myspace that you can go add yourself too. I have 1,023 friends and 20 of them are support. She looked pretty and innocent. That was mean of them. I probably wouldnt have won against 6 & just me, but heck at least i didn't let them get away with that mess.