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Thread: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

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    flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    hiya folks^^ lol well i was thinking about flowers and what they mean...anyways below there is a link to a place which gives all the meanings for flowers.my question is what is your favorite type of flower, and look look up the meaning of the flower and see if it matchs your personality ^^

    my favorite flower is the rose the meaning(which alot of people know ^^) is love^^ alot of my friends say i am a very loving person and caring ^^ plus the rose is beautiful ^^

    Flower Meanings - Pictures and Meanings Of Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS

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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    My favorite flower should be the
    LILY OF THE VALLEY (I actually like all lilies but if I had to choose one this one would be it.)- Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Return to Happiness, Humility, You've Made My Life Complete
    And I really don't think I relate to any of that!

    And my other favorite one is
    IRIS - Fleur-de-lis, Emblem of France, Your Friendship Means so Much to Me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor, My Compliments
    I really don't relate to that either in my opinion. Oh well! ^^

    (It's funny I was looking up through the meaning of flowers yesterday! LOL!)
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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    I lov OrChids! so much, coz is a plant which loves winter, a lil bit hard to show her lovely flower in summer and is able to survive without water for long time and she doesnt care much about where we put her is beautiful but odd...well is pretty much like me

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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    This is actually very good, and interesting. Sadly I have my own meanings for flowers. I am obsessed with the Rose. I love it. To me Rose is the symbol of love, betrayl, and death. Yes, roses are red, but I love them when they're made Black or white as well (You'll see in movies, animes, mangas, games, pictures, etc.) once again, I prove how...sad I am by this post.

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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    ,y favorite flower is lilac roses and i think that when u have flowers and give themto someone the type of flowers you give tells about ur personalty

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    well.. i like red roases there r my favorite flower

    yay me. i'm super happy. go me, oh ya sweet lalalalalala
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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    Orchids are Very lovely flowers and thus are my favorite ^_^

    ORCHID - Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children

    Visit my blog: Rewriting Life

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    Re: flowers.. does it help show your type of personality?

    I have several flowers that are favorites with me. I used to have quite a garden up north. It's too hot to garden down here. I just have a few potted plants.

    My favorite plants are any coniferous tree, but flowers are a different story, and I know many of their meanings.

    I love (in no particular order):

    White Roses (Kennedy white roses best): for silence and purity
    Holly: for defense
    Forsythia bushes: anticipation
    Heather (Scottish heather is my fav.): for solitude (purple) or protection (white)
    Lilac: for humility (I ate them as a kid, the soft purple were my favorite.)
    Mistletoe:affection (has to be the real English mistletoe though)
    Forget-me-nots: for memories

    I always loved all the above listed, and we always had some, or all, wherever we lived. They each match an aspect of my personality.

    Silence & purity: We all have our secrets.
    Defense: I have always tried to protect those around me.
    Anticipation: I am in a constant state of anticipation.
    Solitude: I like my alone time.
    Humility: I like to think that I have much humility. Plus like I said, I always thought they were tasty. There are many flowers that are edible.
    Mistletoe: Affection. We all like affection. It's had for me to let my guard down, but once I do, I can be affectionate.
    Memories: They are the most precious thing, aren't they? Good or bad. I hope that I will be remembered by those close to me... when my time comes.

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