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Thread: foreign food

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    Re: foreign food

    Ramen is great but I adore Udon. I tried eating a supposedly Japanese noddle dish when I was home on leave. It paled in comparison to fresh asian noodles. I have to try Japan Center out. Oh and about Brokedown Palace. That was filmed in Thailand which is a very nasty place if there was one. It is up there with Iraq. I don't know why anyone would go there willingly.

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    Re: foreign food

    The hotel I stayed in had a resturant, so I had some from there. I had planned on going to Little Tokyo for some, but was afraid of getting lost, or killed by MS-13 (which apperantly hangs out in the building across from that hotel...)

    But regardless, it was good. the quality of the noodles themselves where awesome.
    Last edited by Ochi Gate; Sep 21, 2009 at 01:28 PM. Reason: i spelled "Noodles" "Needles". not a very appetizing meal, if you ask me...

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