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Thread: Forgiveness Policies in College?

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    Forgiveness Policies in College?

    Got a question. How do forgiveness policies usually work in colleges, Im not too sure.

    Oh and when you retake the class, does it over write the previous grade?

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    Re: Forgiveness Policies in College?

    Well at Kent Ashtabula nad Geagua when I was going there, they gave you one semester to bring your GPA back up. If you didn't do it, you were out for either a semester or a year, can't remember which. I graduated in 97. As for your other question, the way Kent did it might be different from other colleges, but your new score didn't over right your bad one, you just got credit for it.

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    Re: Forgiveness Policies in College?

    At the college I used to go to they gave us a semester to bring up our GPA and if we didn't then it we were out a semester. If we took the same class and got a higher grade then it would rewrite the other one and if you got a lower grade the higher previous grade stayed. It really is all dependant on what your colleges policies are you can usually find them on their website.

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    Re: Forgiveness Policies in College?

    If you are talking about Academic Probation, then it's about what everyone have said so far. You get once semester to not pull up your grade necessarily, but to show that you can pass all your classes to your adviser. To tell you the truth it's better to call your school's advising center instead of asking us here. Getting information from us will not help you at all.

    As for retaking classes, it also depends on your school. For our school, if you fail a class you would need to get an add code from the professor of that class. Also fill out a form so if you pass the class they will only count the new grade.

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