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Thread: A free nintendo wii ( FOR REAL ! )

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    A free nintendo wii ( FOR REAL ! )

    A free nintendo wii ( FOR REAL ! )


    Help me get a Wii and get your own aswell.
    Basically, I have to get 8 people to sign up and they send me a free product. And its not a scam. They get you to sign up at another site which you are supposed to pay money for. But there is a loop hole. When you sign up to Love films, you get a 14 day free trial. When your credits are given to you in the first 5 days you can close that account and not pay a thing. And thats your refferal done!

    So help me out by doing the following

    Click this link

    Sign up to the site with all your details correct etc.

    Check your emails and activate your account.

    Now you have to go through the process of signing up to a site. I reccomend using lovefilm. Select this and follow the setup through.
    You will need a card to do this, but as I said before, you will not get charged.

    After 5 days when your credits come through, close your lovefilm account down and you are good to go to get more referrals!

    Ask me on more msn if you need more info!

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    Re: A free nintendo wii ( FOR REAL ! )

    No advertising. Die.

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