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Thread: Friends and Cheats

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    Re: Friends and Cheats

    hmmm lets seee when people would do that to me i would get really peeved-.- and just go off on them but sooner or later i put the past behind me and made new friends along the way
    so i guess you really cant trust people too much. but you shouldnt let your past affect other people because some are not backstabbers.
    i hoped that helped lol
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    Re: Friends and Cheats

    Quote Originally Posted by ConradGuravitch103 View Post
    Well here I am after a long while of me well...not posting, but alas I have the sloution to your everyday non posting problem.

    Ok heres the set up.

    I have found out really recently that a frind of mine of 2 years has been pretty much using me for that long of a time.

    There long story short.

    But anyways, this is probably borderline non forumstuff, but if it doesnt get closed I would like to know how you, yes you, the one reading this, how did you cope, and how did you respond to the problem at hand, oh and what did you feel?

    Ther answer to mine, (at least): its like I survived the apocalypse, and that I am all thats alive. Where to rebuild, who knows. No I will never turn to god so please do suggest that to me. oh and how to trust soem one agian, that too.
    The thing is, that your friend probably didn't set out to hurt you for two years. You just see it that way now because your hurt. I sued to strike out at everyone when I was hurt or betrayed like that. I hurt both my friends and the one who did it to me. I have now learned to turn the other cheek, so to say. I just walk away and let it go. If I can I try to talk with the person, try to figure out what happened and why. If I can't do that then I just accept it as a lesson learned and try not to let it happen again. As for trust, I still trust people, but once that is done to me, the person that did it, lost my full trust. I will still accept them, but the trust will be almost none, unless they show me that I can trust them again. I'm usually not without fault, but I am always willing to try again. It's not worth being all alone to keep yourself safe. To have friends and happiness, there is always a risk, but it is always better to live then not to.

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    Re: Friends and Cheats

    Dude when people do you wrong they don't care about you. So I don't make a big deal about it, and called it a day.

    Some other things I could do would be, oh I don't " R E D R U M" them!

    But see it takes a very sick person to mislead someone for so long, so I may has well rid them, from this planet, but I have notice when you don't make a big deal about it. It appears to them, that you used to cheated on them, and it leaves them crawling back asking what went wrong. They may even start to miss you. I don't know you case, but I just talked about it with my mom, and with time. I forgot that person. Now I don't know names right now, but I' think it's happened before.
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    Re: Friends and Cheats

    It has happened to me so may times before that I lost count. It seems that in front of other people, I'm too kind and easily to be deceived and I'm used until they get what they want or so they believe.But no.I am strong and I managed to get over these situations everytime.It's really hard to get hurt like this, especially when you've shared a lot of things. When I met my best friend , I said to myself that I would let her discover me little by little.It's not that we don't trust each other, but it's best to always keep things for yourself sometimes. We are really close and we are still surprised every day when we discover new things about ourselves. In this way, we said that life is way to short for all our mysteries. But, you know what they say ...never say never.If she deceives me, I'll feel very sad and betrayed. I hope she doesn't. She hopes that from me too. It's like a "friendly" competition, more or less.
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