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Thread: Full Time Jobs...

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    Re: Full Time Jobs...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    Hmm, im estimating my budget will fall about to $710-$810 per month.
    But i do also want to save up before i make a move toobe a bit more prepared. (and im definitly looking to room with my freinds to ease the costs)

    Job exp, would be i guess 2 yrs of being a waterpark lifeguard (seasonal),
    i worked briefly at a call center then quit after 3 days realizing it wasnt gonna even pay the gas lol.

    I have a Physical Therapy Tech certification, CPR cert, and im goin for my CNA in december. Yup thats all i can think of atm.

    thank you = )
    From what you listed you could try jobs like personal trainer at a gym or a swimming instructor type of deal at your local community center. Seems like you are capable of the physical/athletic stuff?? So also maybe being a referee for school sports, etc.

    Janitorial jobs, and/or a job at the plants in TX?? I heard they had a boom months back when gas prices were really high and people were finding jobs. Another way is to go to your city hall (hopefully you live in a bigger city), they always have job boards over there. Most of the time you dont even need a degree for some of their jobs. I remember here at my city there was a job for being the stop sign person when school children cross the street in the morning. That job paid around 50k a year.

    In a way it kind of goes down to how much can you handle. Some people say , "oh I really need the money" but turns around and say I won't do this kind of job I don't do that kind of job.

    And try not to limit yourself to one job. Perhaps you can do two jobs part time (but then you will end up without benefits very likely), or do one full time job, and do a side job by working for yourself (like fixing computers for people at a very low price and maybe you go to their place to do it).

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    Re: Full Time Jobs...

    Hey if anyone is looking for a job and needs one fast, try Gas Stations.

    I just went to one yesterday, filled out an application, and once i turned it in
    i went thru the interviews, and got the job.

    I started the same day lol.

    Ive been hearing thats the case for other gas stations round the city as well.

    So maybe round the country too?

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