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Thread: Funniest High School Memory

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    We made a miniature fire. I remember it being very very cold and so some smart ass in the group thought it would be good to start a little fire on the concrete. so imagine four of us huddle around this tiny fire trying to keep warm. And it was working, until we heard a teacher coming around the corner. One of my friends threw her bag on it and all we could smell while we were nervously waiting for the teacher to go past us was plastic on her bag burning.

    Yes we some how got away with it, the bag had minimal damage, but there is forever a burn mark on that place to the day. and we never EVER did that again, nor would I advise anyone else do the same.. my gosh we were stupid. I could imagine explaining to my parents why I got suspended "But we were so COLD!"

    Looking back, it was a stupidest thing, but one of my most treasured memories of high school XD

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    me and my friends have always done something stupid ever since primary school.

    i think it was in yr six when we broke this seat/bench. it was a metal aluminum one, with a pole at each end keeping it upright. then one day i think it was close to the last day of primary school i whole bunch of us sat on the bench rocking backwards and forwards, since we were really bored.. but the more we did it, the more we did it the more creaking noises we heard and then bang! the top part of the bench lifted up ender our legs and we all fell off. lucky for use we didn't completely brake it so we moved it back into place, which it still looked alright. i think some other kids got on it.. and fell backwards 2.. remember conning one of our friends god that was hilarious.

    other than that i can never forget the luff songs.. man they where great.. we had this teacher whose name was luff.. and some smart@$$ in our class decided to replace love and all of the love songs with luff.. so u all of us singing "luff is in the air, every time i look around... nah nah nah.." and a whole lot of other songs.. think we made the top 50 luff songs.. man it got really sus the further we went. everyone joined in, heck even the teacher did.

    but those are the most memorial ones i reckon. well the most funniest stuff.

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    I'm a senior, so yeah. But I do have one. It ws last year on the swim team. Me and Andy (Team Captain) were messing around. And on our first swim meet, we were on the pool deck and there is a storage closet and well.....me nd him were kinda fighting and Tyler comes in and shuts the door. Well it is locked. And basically we are banging on the door going "DOOD, let us out!"

    "Dood! It's locked!!!!"
    "Get the coach!!"

    So they go and and get the swim coach, Mr. Hafner. He comes buy and goes "Ehh leave them in there until 7." basically when the meet starts. So Andy and me are just in there, goin "damn it! Da hell?!" THEN we see it. A mesh wire window with lockers on the other side. We decide to TRY and tip them over by punching, and throwing things. No luck. So were still there and...yeah. (Note: we're in our jammers too.....") So finally it's 7 and we get left out. The National Athem is playing, and wwe run in line quickly. Yeah....I'm no tliving it down....they won't allowit. Now I'm thought to be FULLY gay. Lol

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    I remember that during my Sophomore year there was a power outage in the school so it was completely dark for a couple of minutes, but this time matter didn't stop some retarded kids to start a food fight in the cafeteria. It was freaking awesome because you couldn't tell who you were hitting with the food trays. When the power came back, the cafeteria room was a complete mess. Nobody was charged with the crime though.

    Also, every month we would have a freaking fire alarm going off, so we had to evacuate the freaking school building. The school Principal would always offer a reward to anyone with information about who set the alarms off. Although, the reward was only $50 dollars, so nobody would tell who was the culprit even if they knew for so little amount of money.

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    I got made fun of a lot in highschool. Even after I became less antisocial and started branching out more. And one of my funniest memorys was when I finally had a small group of friends, insted of just one or two, for once. And the school was going ona fieldtrip. There was this one boy who had been in the middle school attached to ours, who always made fun of me. Which was rather upsetting considering I had the biggest retard crush on his best friend, and the kid was always dogging me infront of his friend. Well it was rumored that I was a lesbian, and for god knows why (I didn't like girls like that then for gods sakes!) and he and I exchanged words out front of the school while we were all waiting for the buses, and he called me a lesbian. THinking he ended the argument. And I turned around and told him if I was a lesbian I'd get more booty then he'll see in his life. And....-everyone- cracked up. I don' think he spoke to me again after that. Period.

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    I have lots of pleasant and funny memories... in highschool... hmm... i have a few unpleasant ones too.. hehe... for example... when about 5 of my friends showered butt naked in front of us and friends during our camping at school... yuck... disgusting... *barfs*

    Hmmm the best memories would be... hmm.. being with this teacher who talks alot about sex... and guess what... the teacher is a not a man.. fun and hilarious times... (she always came in class and ask the students.... have you all taken ur daily eggs and milk? : it's mainly because... bones need calcium.. and if your bones are bad.. she say..u can't hump good on bed... some biology teacher...)

    hmm... i remember this one time... the teacher gave me an oppurtunity to bash the school's old desk and chairs... it's for the big fire for the camping... fun times bashing and using axe and making hell lot of noise waking the neighbourhood.. xD

    I remember during kindergarden... hmm... theres one time i was on this little swing and theres a boy running in front of me... he got a nice flying kick to his head... watching him tumble was priceless... and the way he bursts in tears... (quiet for a moment then cries... )

    and oh~... the best would be... me being with my best friend going around school and scare and flirt with girls (well the flirting was mostly my best friend.. i am not good in flirting ) .... ...

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    I loved doing pranks when I was in high school last year...........but this one stands out the most
    me and my gang did not get along with the cheerleaders........I mean NOT AT ALL!!!!!!
    Before our homecoming game started..........we put the strongest laxative we could find in their Gatorade..........oh man....they had absolutely no clue
    When a half an hour went by......we could start seeing the results.........and one girl almost made it in her pants........Oh man......it was so hilarious......I was laughing until my stomach hurts and it was not only me.......

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    Re: Funniest High School Memory

    ahh the memories of my friends and the girls, good time like stack on people. feel sorry for the guy on the bottom.Had one game of volleyball or somting and one match went up to like 31-29 i think we kept drawing with each other, cant remember who won.

    funniest moment at high school is when i was playing shuttlecock (the one we kick around with our feets) in the moring because of an early start. A friend almost kicked up on the roof i ran and scream no and almost hit the pole and a few minute later i was stupid enough to kick it up onto the roof

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