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Thread: To the future.

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    Re: To the future.

    I would go 25 years into the future, to see what happen to myself and if i can change it
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    Re: To the future.

    I would go fifty years from now and see if what I have done for people has been worthy. I would like to know if my life had an impact on anyone's life or if my life has just been a waste of time... and if I find out the second one, I would do anything to change it.
    humm and I would do anither thing while I am on the future... see how the planet is doing... maybe it will be just the remaining of WWIII the last war.... who knows........
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    Re: To the future.

    i wouldn't go.

    like Tasura said its always changing. You can go in the future see it but there is most likely a choice you made to get there.

    And if you chose a different choice then that furture wouldn't be there.

    but also i want to know the wonders of having to deal with choosing even if it hurts.
    I want to live life and not know what may happen. Cause then i will be working to that point or working away from it. so i just want to live with what comes.

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    Re: To the future.

    i would what to go about 10 years into the future...
    i would just want to check out how i turned out i
    mean after school just to see what i'm doing with my life if
    its good or bad...

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    Re: To the future.

    Hummm, going into the future..well the first thing I would think of was what was already pointed out by others that what you are seeing is only one choice in the future. But if I looked past that point of it I would probably say I would like to go about fifty years into the future. I would like to see how the world has turned out and what we have accomplished. Then I might check out how I was doing in that time. But the thought of this only being one glimps into my future would always be on my mind. Still it would be a neat thing to do.

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    Re: To the future.

    why would I give up my glimpses in to the future that I get now for only one?
    I'll play your game though...

    I'd go 1 second into the future and since we're denying reality here. I'd see everything for one second i would be god and see and know everything that was happening everywhere. KNow where there is life. How advanced they are what laws they have that work what things they do. See elements that our brainiest chemists can't know the secrets to cold fusion and the entire time space continuem. After that well I'd be dead because we're denying reality for that one second reality would deny me ultimately extinguishing my mortal existance. My test would be done and because I know all things for their absolute truths I wouldn't really be dead, but a part of every piece of light I'd be perfect and immortal. I'd be just like good ol dad. I'd step outside of myself and never return because I'd step into eternity in one second and the only way to return from eternity is to divide everything in that eternity by zero. on that large of a scale it'd be ultimately impossible causing the inverse to occur. x/0 is undefined because it is everything. ahaha and now that I've sucessfully prooved my "insanity" which is only so because of the "rules" of society (I mean what if crazy people were the only ones who knew the truth of it all?) I'm gone because with what little I do see, I know that my time to understand is many years ahead of my little askance of life which I have only newly acquired.

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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    Re: To the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    "The future isn't a promise, it's a threat."

    I wouldn't go into the future... because as far as I'm concerned, the future is always changing. I refuse to believe in pre-destination... it goes against everything it means to be human. Even if you went into the future and saw one possibility... the likelihood of that very same outcome is almost nonexistant.
    I agree. Say you go in to the future and see something like a perfect world, living in peace. You come back to the present and you're excited about the future. Well, you or someone else does something on impulse. That one action can change the entire course of time. I don't want to see the future, but rather prepare for whatever may come my way.

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    Re: To the future.

    I probally not got to the future for one reason the future doesn't stay the same. What I mean is your going to die in like twenty years and you go the future and see this. Then you go back to the present and decide to do something stupid like rob some banks, and instead of being killed you end up in jail because you were robbing banks. So for my oppion its stupid seeing the future
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