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Thread: To the future.

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    Re: To the future.

    i want to go to the future to see is the wars on this world stopped or not

    i want to see the future for my sister and for my brothers ... i want to see how they will become

    i want to see how the technology how far it will go ...=^_^=
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    Re: To the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Legend View Post
    Instead of going back to the past and change something let's go the other way.

    You get to head to the future to find out one thing, what will it be??

    Two things to answer:

    - How far into the future will you go?
    - What is it that you want to find out?
    I'd probably go a couple decades into the future. Like 10-15-or 20-years. I want to find out about myself. What happens to me by the time I'm that old? Who I married? If my dreams actually come true. I want to know all that, for the reason that I want a happy life. That's what I want to do. Nothing that would affect the earth directly. I jsut care about my direct family and life.
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    Re: To the future.

    When I first thought bout answering this thread I thought: "I would NOT go into future... no way." I'm afraid I wouldn't like some thing and it could just ruin all my life... I'm not of the strongest persons.. and if I'd see a sad futre, I doubt I would be able to change anything.

    But I guess there is one thing I do want to see... I would go... 100 years in the future. And I just would like to have one look at how the world is. I want to know if humans survive and well... destroy this world as we know it or if humans die out for some reason or if humans change and learn to live in balance with this world... Just one peek would be enough. And it wouldn't change much of how I view this world...

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    Re: To the future.

    I'd go about 300 years in the future, hope humans are still there and have amazing spaceships etc. Then i'd use my time there to do some siteseeing, just like a regular fieldtrip, see some planets or exotic places. I'd try to use it as a vacation, there is no reason for me to worry about influencing myself or changing something in history since no-one would be able to prove it when i get back.

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    Re: To the future.

    well i guess i dont want know what comes next...sound strange but why i'ld want to know about future if i dindnt solve my problems right now...??

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