Can I get some clothing recommendations for the following categories:

This includes hats, helmets, hoods, and hairstyles.

This includes shirts and blouses, different types of torso pictures, and for girls, tops to bathing suits or dresses.


Pretty self-explanatory.

The butt / lower body of an outfit the should end, at the maximum length, around the ankle (so that shoes can be seen, even if only barely). This includes jeans, shorts, bathing suit bottoms, dress bottoms for girls, etc.

Pretty self-explanatory. From boots to sneakers, whatever you think fits this category.

Eyes, on the face, in some sort of unique style.

Mouth, on the face, in some sort of unique style.

Any kind of accessory, from masks to bracelets, earrings, necklaces, swords strapped to your back, go nuts with this.

Same as the above accessory. Literally go nuts for these, whatever you can think of.


Please post a picture (up to three, if you can find more than one REALLY good one) of what you'd like to see on the character and I'll see if it'll work out in the game. I'm trying to gather up some clothing right now.

You can draw inspiration from anywhere; photos, your own drawings, anime, video games; anything, providing you can share a picture and tell me the source of the inspiration. Try not to post something that has already been suggested, and if you're posting an entire outfit, please be sure to denote all the different parts of it.

You are also free to try naming the pieces, and be creative.

For instance, "Space Warrior's Gauntlets" for some anime guy's gloves, you dig?