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Thread: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

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    Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    I read this article (and many others) and thought to myself what the devil? This topic can be taken so many ways that I'm not even gonna try to steer it. Please be brutally honest with what you think. I have the original article and her feelings on it.

    Four months ago, twenty-two year old San Diego resident “Natalie Dylan” went on the Howard Stern show to put her virginity up for bids, intending to use the final proceeds to pay for her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.
    Thats the beginning of it and that shocked me to speechlessness.

    On January 23rd, “Natalie” published her version of her own story on The Daily Beast, Why I’m Selling My Virginity. At the time, the auction – being held at a Nevada brothel, the Bunny Ranch (seen on HBO’s hit series Cathouse), where her older sister also happens to be working to pay off her own college debts – had peaked around $243,000. Originally hoping to attain $1 million, Dylan is still holding on to her chastity even after bids have now reached upwards of $3.8 million (apparently from more than 10,000 men). According to a report from Reuters in September, this self-proclaimed feminist (who holds a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies from Sacramento State) actually finds her decision empowering. And the New York Daily News recently reported that she has even signed a book deal.
    Does anybody think this chick is nuts yet? And to make matters worse...
    “It’s shocking that men will pay so much for someone’s virginity, which isn’t even prized so highly anymore. … I think it’s become some kind of competition between all these men.

    “I’ve been getting to know the men who are bidding and I’m having email conversations with them.

    “I’ve had such a range of messages, from weirdos who say they love me, to those who get really graphically sexual about what they want to do to me. … I know that a lot of people will condemn me for this because it’s so taboo but I really don’t have a problem with that.

    “But I am not being sold into this. I’m not being taken advantage of in any way.

    “I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal.
    Various quotes from the media...

    They say you should value having sex for the first time. That’s why I’m auctioning my virginity online—and the bidding is up to $3.8 million.

    When I put my virginity up for auction in September, it was in part a sociological experiment—I wanted to study the public's response. Now it seems that the tables have turned, and the public is studying me.

    I’m a 22-year-old woman who recently earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and soon I’ll be entering a Masters Degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy. During the time in between, in addition to my regular 9-to-5, I’ve been exploring my upcoming thesis project: the value of virginity. To be more specific, I’ve put my own virginity up for auction on the Moonlight Bunny Ranch website, and I recently received my highest bid so far: a cool $3.8 million.

    I've been congratulated for my "entrepreneurial gumption," as one CEO of a Fortune 500 company put it.

    In addition to bids, however, I’ve also received an astonishing, sometimes unnerving, amount of media attention. Many of these reports have portrayed me inaccurately, however, so let me tell you what this is all about.

    This all started long before September. In fact, it started in college, where my eyes were opened by my Women’s Studies professors and fellow classmates. I came to understand the role of "woman" spanning culture and time. At the university level, I was given permission to think differently and form a moral code of my own design. College opened my eyes.

    Like most little girls, I was raised to believe that virginity is a sacred gift a woman should reserve for just the right man. But college taught me that this concept is just a tool to keep the status quo intact. Deflowering is historically oppressive—early European marriages began with a dowry, in which a father would sell his virginal daughter to the man whose family could offer the most agricultural wealth. Dads were basically their daughters’ pimps.

    When I learned this, it became apparent to me that idealized virginity is just a tool to keep women in their place. But then I realized something else: if virginity is considered that valuable, what’s to stop me from benefiting from that? It is mine, after all. And the value of my chastity is one level on which men cannot compete with me. I decided to flip the equation, and turn my virginity into something that allows me to gain power and opportunity from men. I took the ancient notion that a woman’s virginity is priceless and used it as a vehicle for capitalism.

    Are you rolling your eyes? I knew this experiment would bring me condemnation. But I'm not saying every forward-thinking person has to agree with what I’m doing. You should develop your own personal belief system—that’s exactly my point! For me, valuing virginity as sacred is simply not a concept I could embrace. But valuing virginity monetarily—now that’s a concept I could definitely get behind. I no longer view the selling of sex as wrong or immoral—my time at college showed me that I had too blindly accepted such arbitrary norms. And for what it’s worth, the winning bid won’t necessarily be the highest—I get to choose.

    So, with this value system firmly in place, I contacted the organization I felt could best provide me a safe and legal means through which to execute my idea: The Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada.

    I have been to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch twice to meet with its larger-than-life owner, Dennis Hof. I would describe the environment as a comical hybrid of a sorority house crossed with a laid-back gentlemen's club.

    The Ranch not only provided me with the publicity to reach bidders through a personal email address on their website, but also as a way to capture a big enough "sample" of the public so I could research their reactions.

    Some of these reactions have been surprising. As expected, many people value virginity itself—people who think it’s important to save, and men who think it’s valuable enough to buy. But I’ve discovered that others value the lucrative nature of my experiment even more. I've been congratulated for my "entrepreneurial gumption," as one CEO of a Fortune 500 company put it.

    I might even be an early adopter of a future trend, if the ads that clutter Craigslist are any indication of the direction we’re headed in. These days, more and more women my age are profiting directly from their sex appeal, but I’m not sure other women should follow my lead. One conclusion my experiment has already borne out is that society isn’t ready for public auctions like mine—yet.

    Natalie Dylan has a B.A. in Women's Studies. She is from San Diego. "Natalie Dylan" is a pseudonym.

    These are her own published words about it (I couldn't get the link to work so here it is). Thoughts, questions, comments?

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    Yeah I have hured of this and when it first caught my attention do to how crazy it was it was no wonder I screamed WTF is wrong with you?!
    She is so far gone and out of her gored the description of being nuts and word use falls extremely short.
    She says she is not being taken advantage of... Sure as hell looks like it to me, come on people lets call it for what it is... She is whoring her self out... Dirty tramp.

    She is a self proclaiming feminist... I don’t think this qualifies being a feminist. Selling your self out for money? Isn’t that the opposite?

    Also the fact that she mastered degree in marriage and family therapy and now she is doing this I find ironic not to mention hypocritical.
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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    That gurl sounds like an idiot of 1st degree rather than a holder of a Bachelors Degree. Theres a lot of people who need money to get through school, shes not alone, but to use sex as a bait, to me that is no more different than being a prostitute

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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    Or maybe she simply has a bachelor degree in idiotism. :P

    Seriously, that's one of the most stupid things I'ver heard from. What's sad is the fact that she thinks she's a feminist by selling her virginity to the highest bidder.
    What's sadder is that she's going to write a book about this and someone will finance such an idea.
    What's the saddest is that people , men I guess, actually pay so much for something like this.

    Other women might get strange ideas from this. Whatever, sex sells, doesn't it?
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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    Good luck finding a man that could do this. Oh the double standards of our society. XD

    Hey, if she wants to trade her dignity for 3.8 million dollars, I say let her. Cuz she's only falling out in that category. On the plus side she's getting laid, and she's getting a ****load of money for it. I think the feminism thing is a bunch of bull, the empowerment she's feeling is not from feminine ideals of independence and equality with men, she's using the ol' sex trap. I wouldn't call her a whore though, I mean look at Queen Elizabeth I, she used her sexuality to do great things, this is just a bit of a more shallow reason to use her sexuality. If she were a true feminist, she would avoid using her sexuality to get ahead and would use her intellect to be equal and get ahead. But if she needs to call herself a feminist to help her sleep at night, meh, whatever. We all know what's really going on. Funny story.

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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    im totally lost with this...why would she do this to just get a bit of cash? thats kinda stupid or just really wrong... im proud to be a virgin i wouldnt sell it for anything only share it with somone special to me thats it she is crazy.... and yah i belive she could be considered a hooker with alot of money on her mind lol
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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    This is a new one. It would seem some one is rather desperate to have their first time. Now, I'm a virgin myself, but I'm waiting until my girlfriend either says yes, or we break up and I go out casanova-ing. There is no way I would ever consider doing something this reckless.

    And on the subject, collectiong V-cards is like a staus symbol for men. We call it our conquests. It is an added bonus if we are a first timer. This is normally the case of the horny frat boys and the early thirties.
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    Re: Girl Sells Her Virginity for 3.8 Million

    In one way, it is empowering since she has men fighting over her and practically begging to get a piece of her - but she fails to see the idea that men still see her as an object -even more so by putting herself up like an item on eBay.

    Feminists are usually more backwards than most kinds of people, I know this since I actually used to support them. After several years of defending them, I realized how idiotic it all was in the end since it was all so hypocritical.

    She is right though, virginity isn't as prized anymore. Virginity's taken rather quickly down here, and without question of moral or of the future. They just want to do it because the guy's hot, or cuz it's prom night and every girl's doing it, or cuz they don't want to lose the man, or cuz they think they'll be with the guy forever and ever, or cuz they're ignorant of how important this really is, or cuz they're just down-right horny.

    It really saddens me, really.

    In one way, I'm glad this woman's decided to do something with virginity that's usually taken so quickly nowadays. In another, I'm disturbed how horny guys can get with bidding so high.

    ...listen up, girls: Your virginity's really important. REALLY IMPORTANT.
    Let me put it this way: If you're gonna' give up your virginity so quickly, there's a good chance you're not first pick for marriage. Men who are looking for a happy marriage usually search out the nice girls (with a bonus of still having their virginity), not the whores who give out their virginity just cuz they thought a guy was cool. Men looking for a happy marriage want loyalty, and something fresh, as if to start life anew.

    Don't just give away your virginity so quickly, even if you think the guy will be with you forever. THERE'S VERY FEW GUYS THAT ACTUALLY WILL.
    Sweet romances and poetry and amazing dates don't count for crap, even if it has lasted for over 3 years. The instant you two REALLY get to know each other (telling secrets doesn't count...it's all about the time spent with each other with honesty in ALL actions -things they've never seen you do before), then the testing starts. Most young couples break up because of the small things in their relationship, not the big things - so don't expect that trial and tribulation counts for anything. If you can't stand each other for even a second of your time together, I'd suggest re-thinking the relationship.

    Now that that's over with: This girl ain't crazy. She's feminist. And most feminists have backward views on a lotta' things in life. Instant I read she was feminist, none of this seemed extreme.

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