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Thread: Global warming?

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    Re: Global warming?

    well as your people do that then all the rest can witness the medeor falling into earth...

    -But "global warming" is a natural effect but humans we so stupid enough to tamper witrh it now look were it got us...
    -"Some say that humans are the next thing to destroy the planet."
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    Re: Global warming?

    well... i was told of a way to help lessen global warming given that we adjust our everyday patterns...

    did you know that there is such a thing as a LOW CARBON DIET? haha... it does exist... eat more of fresh foods that fried and grilled foods... it lessens the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere... steamed and boiled foods are also a good substitute...

    so maybe we should eat more of siomais, noodles, ramens, ceasar salads, and such from now on huh... but then again... the fries and grilled foods every once in a while wouldn't do as much damage s when they are consumed daily... so let's lessen them... to help the environment help us...

    it helps lessen the stress on the glbal warming issue.
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