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Thread: To go to the ER or not to ....

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    Re: To go to the ER or not to ....

    Well if you are hurt badly go like broken leg cut open really really bad and if you have had like a bad cough and you are felling weaker and it gets worst go but if its just a sprained leg dont go.

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    Re: To go to the ER or not to ....

    Well I went anyway
    because as soon as I laid down to go to sleep my chest tightened up and I could hardly breath
    when I got there I found out I had a fever and a virus and the beginings of bronchitis
    so they pumped me full of steriods and I promptly threw up
    lol and now I have to take them for 6 days which will cause bloating and nausea lol yay!
    -_- guess it was more serious than I thought though lol

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    Re: To go to the ER or not to ....

    Personally this has a little to do with me, and my job for which I'm studying.
    EMT (emergency medical technician) or ambulance worker.
    I've spent many days working in the ER along side doctors in the military, and the civilian world, and saw many patients come in, as well as when I was on the ambulance driving patents to the ER is basically my duty.

    Most of them come in due to inability to function properly, whether it may be breathing (elderly because to them it's more of a threat), or falls (also elderly as they are more fragile).
    There are pregnancy emergencies where we can't deliver the baby due to breach, and thus have to transport to the ER.
    Most of the time it's something serious, broken bones, fractures, lung collapse, heart attack or MI, gunshot wounds, or severe allergic reactions.
    There are people whom over dramatize just to be emitted to the ER, but that's up to them.
    As an EMT, if we get called to a home on an emergency, and I'm sure everyone sees how busy ambulances are in the USA, then no matter what the emergency is, we will take the patient to the ER, because that is our job guideline, even if the patient just sprained his knee, or gut his hand.
    Our main quota; LOAD, and GO.
    So, in the end you don't have to do much to get into the ER.

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