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Thread: Good & Bad Teachers

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    Re: Good & Bad Teachers

    The greatest teacher I ever had, was Mrs. Nichols. . . she was my Volleyball coach and my Modern World History teacher in my Senior Year in high school. She was my favorite because her class was fun. Like her projects involved creativity and art. For example, our final was a report of lyrics. . .yea, we had to find the interpretation of the lyrics she assigned us. I got a Cranberries song. . . and for the final made a collage portraying what happened in Sarajevo. It was really fun. Unfortunately she didn't give us candy, but a little star sticker! Hell yea!

    The worst teacher I ever had was my AP Physics teacher in my senior year as well. . . Mrs. Perez didn't know shit about Physics. . and I would constantly correct her which made her call my mom more than once. One of my fondest memory of her class was this time when she made a mistake and I corrected her and she said If I was qualified to be a physics teacher, so I responded that if it was anyway she taught, I could be.
    Yea, unfortunately that got me detention for a week.
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    Re: Good & Bad Teachers

    My Geometry teacher back in High School was freaking cool. She would let us play as long as we had done our work and had make sure that we showed our work because she would graded as soon as we were done.

    I remember that she would let us watch many of the Germany 2006 World Cup matches and not do any work at all, though she would give us homework. ^^

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    Re: Good & Bad Teachers

    Well the worst year for me was 7th grade i went to the school and i thought yep they are all going to be @@@holes and i was right they all where like hello im mrs blake and then i was like okay sure and then next day im right she is like drooling from the mouth angry and my good teachers the best one i ever had was 3 she was clam smart and i really liked her.

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    Re: Good & Bad Teachers

    Hrm... I love all my teachers they are very cool and helpful to me. But the old teacher that I hated was when I was at the Philippines. >:[ My tutor was getting angry at me for no reason. - w-; She is also strict at me. >:[ I hate strict teachers. xP

    I also got embarrased when I was at grade 5. My math teacher is getting angry at me for no reason. Even if I get something like only one mistake she starts shouting at me in class. >:[ All my classmate felt sorry for me too. - 3-

    But now, I think my teachers is good.

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    Re: Good & Bad Teachers

    Best teacher in the world was my U.S. History and A.P. History Lance Taylor loved the class made it interesting the worst teacher i ever had Mrs. Crook she was messed up she on pills for sycological reasons meaning she was crazy in the head she never taught us any english all she did was talk about her family everyday my class finally made her cry and one day she just left cause we made her leave cause all she did was talk about her family

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