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Thread: good friend or bad?

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    Exclamation good friend or bad?

    ok so saturday i had this big party right? and so i invite my family friend julian who is a mega hottie and i mean MEGA hottie if u like FOB's Pete then u will love Julian cuz when he smiles he looks just like him. anyways so i had invited him and my bff she and i are like twin sisters. we tell each other everything. so i introduced them..knowing he had a girlfriend he wouldnt hook up with her. and she thought he was cute and i was okay with later around 10:30pm or so his girlfriend called..they talked and he told me "wow my girlfriend is hanging out with her ex-boyfriend.." and i told dude thats not a true girlfriend..and then he gets a text from his girlfriend "im sry...we just hooked back up" so he broke up with her....and then when the music started my friends and i were dancing and then...coming down the steps to the dance floor my bff and julian are holding hands and dancing togther..i didnt really mind...i was okay with it u kno i thought they werent gonna dance they wasy she usually dances with a guy.....but she did she was all over julian and he didnt really want to bump and grind on the dance floor but he went along with it anyways..and then me and my other firned were doing the same thing..but it only looked better because it was 2 girls grinding against each after like a few songs we get off the floor and i see my bff and julian leave the hall and head out side...10 minutes later julian comes up to me cuz i get yelled at becuz they left my party..and then he says" sorry im really sorry...i didnt mean for u to get into so much trouble.." and then i ran out of the hall and went out side..he followed me i started to cry a lil bit. he asked me what was wrong and i told him...
    "you just go ahead and leave MY party and make out with MY best friend and think it's ok? i mean WTF julian?..."
    i couldnt tell him how i felt about him....i could tell him that i really liked him and that i didnt want him to talk to her..but my friend knew that i liked him and she still did it anyways....
    thats not even the worst part...ive known julian for three years and shes only known him for one night and they exchange numbers he lives in palmdale and she lives out her....he's 17 and shes 15....later as the it got closer to midnight he wanted to rock with him so i said ok ans so he goes uo ti the DJ and asks him to play Party Like A Rock Star and so he and i are rocking out to the sond and then he does his flips and im thinking in my head"well if hes dancing with me and hes doing his flips..then he really doesnt like my friend or is he just trying to show off to her or does he think that all is forgiven".... a few moments later.....they sat next to each other and held hands my bff moved her hand away as quickly as she could but it was too late i had already seen it....i couldnt do anything about it...i had gotten into trouble already and i didnt want to fight my friend for a guy....but i feel so heart broken the guy that i had a crush on since the first time i met him was taken by best friend forever.....
    i dont kno should i still call her a friend?
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    Re: good friend or bad?

    hmm ok so dose she know you like him? I didn't catch that part.
    But yeah if she knew you liked him alot and that you wanted to be with him but then she got in the middle of it on purpose then eyah I wouldn't call her a friend.

    And I think that you shouldn't get mad at Julien cause what I can tell he dosn't know you like him that much. But if he did then I would be mad at him too.

    But yeah the age thing isn't mcuh I mean my grandparents are 20 years apart and they are madly in love. I say age is only a number. My bf is turnig 17 in a month and I'm 15. so that part I think dosn't really matter.

    But yeah it is wrong of her to go out with the guy that you really like.

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    Re: good friend or bad?

    If ya smelllllllll lalalalalalalala, what the BLOG is cooking...


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