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Thread: Good looks and behaviour.

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    Smile Re: Good looks and behaviour.

    In my school people calls me ugly and stupid. Well I don't really care because I have a family and friends to guide me in my long journey of life! When I was still 3 years old and started to study all the guys and girls are making fun of my kinki hair it was curly that time and all I do is cry. Then years has past still some people calls me ugly and stupid. I didn't cry anymore because all there saying isn't true they are just jealous because all the teachers in my shool loves me because I am a good student and I am a tall young lady. If they call me ugly in front of me I don't really care at all. I would just say, "Sure whatever dude." And walk away and ignore what just happened. And last time when I was in a skirt all the boys and girls was all looking, staring at me. I didn't really matter to me because they are just shocked how pretty I am. But seriously I am not pretty. I just have a good personallity. No wonder all the teachers in the schools likes me. My behaviour in school is always an A+ but I am not good looking seriously. I am not!

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    Re: Good looks and behaviour.

    Quote Originally Posted by blue_rebel View Post
    I personally don't see why people should be chided just because they use makeup. The world full of shallow people. It'd be nice if I could just damn everyone's opinions to hell, but deep down I do give a damn about what I look like because it's pretty obvious looks matter, so I use makeup. And it makes me feel better about myself. If makeup made me prettier than the next girl, I'd be pretty proud of myself for having the skills to make myself look good.
    That's not what I was getting at.

    Most girls who wear make up are really, very pretty. However, there's a misconception that pretty girls have horrible personalities. The origin of this misconception started because just that. Girls started acting better than others JUST because they felt they were prettier. There's no need to put others down just because you look better than them, when in actuality .. you don't.

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    Re: Good looks and behaviour.

    interesting topic i for one treat everyone by their logic anyone thinking they are better cuase they look better is simply concided i would like someone more that had no ears or a nose and was crippled but had a greater mental ability then someone who looked like a model yet whose logic was comparable to those of george bush

    I'll do it man.

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