Well i was reading this passage in the bible (:S) when a teacher suggested I make my own verson of this story. Sounded like fun and i made it and i deacided to show it to the AnimeOnline community enjoy!

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

When the young preacher was cast away, he was shown to a man of many questions. The man asked the preacher, “Sir, I like how I am living now and I don’t want to die. That would be horrid. How can I stay alive so I can ask questions forever and seek everything I wish to know?” The preacher said with ease, “What questions you seek are imbedded in the ‘law’. Now what is in the law?” The man stared and said, “Well that simple, ‘you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself’ isn’t that right sir?” The preacher answered bluntly, “Exactly, and if you do whatever you just said right now, you must do in order to live forever!”

The man of many questions decided to keep his reputation and ask more questions so he asked, “By the way, when you talk about a neighbor, is it like the people living beside you or what?” The preacher sighed and said loudly, “Here is a story to help you understand better since your having a hard time:
Therefore, a man with nice clothes, lots of jewelry, and a wallet filled with money is walking around in the dark late at night in the dark alleyways. What a target he was, so, a giant gang came up to him and asked for his things nicely. Of course, he did not give his treasures so the gang all took out their illegal weapons and one by one shot and stabbed the man. The man laid there in the alleyway until daylight when a man, impersonating a homeless person, comes by and sees the half-dead man. The man simply walk away pretending he saw nothing so we would not be involved and become a suspect. A police officer sees the homeless person zipping up his pants as he comes out of the alleyway so the police officer arrests him for public urination and a possible sexual assault. He leads into the alleyway to see for any signs for rape. The police officer finds the man stripped of his clothes and wallet. The police officer walks back to his police car and calls the homeless person a disgusting pervert, then drives away not reporting the man half-dead on the floor. Then a young man, about the age of 17 comes along and sees the man wit several bullet holes and stab wounds and thinks, ‘wow he is hurt.’ The young man took the half-dead body in broad daylight and went for the nearest hospital. He stumbled across St. Michael’s hospital where he offered two thousand dollars of his student loan to the hospital in order to keep the man alive. The young man also agreed to pay any more expenses the man might need. Later on, the young man brought the now not half-dead man small portions of the choir, in St. Michael’s Choir School, to sing tunes of rejoice.”

The man of many questions still had his reputation to keep so he asked, “ I still do not see how that story was relevant, please explain.” The preacher, now a bit aggravated, sighs once more and tells the man, “You see, I will ask questions as well. Who out of the three people was the half-dead man’s neighbor? The homeless impersonator? The foolish police officer? Or the young man of the age of 17?” The man of many questions actually answered without a question and said, “The one who showed the half-dead man mercy.” The preacher loosened up and said, “Finally! Now go and be a neighbor and you will have eternal life indeed!”

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