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Thread: Guys and Hair

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    Quote Originally Posted by Zev View Post
    This guy I work with has hair down past the middle of his back, and my boss is always trying to get him to cut it! lol Its so funny, because he was a drag queen and totally refuses to cut his hair no matter what anyone says.

    I always got my headset at work tangled in my hair, which is the worst. I don't see how wearing a football helmet with longer hair would be so bad.
    For me the reason why it feels bad to have long hair when I used to wear a football helmet was two thing, the first being that my hair no matter what I did would impair my vision because it would cover my eyes while I played. the second being that because of the extra heat from my hair it would get super stuffy inside my helmet and because of that heat, my head would sweat even more and that sweat would go in my eyes and burn my eyes (my school didn't allow bandanas inside the helmet). And when I had a shaved head it felt ten times better, of course I still sweat, but the time it took to get sweat in my eyes was prolonged a lot longer as a result of the haircut. Also another reason being that the helmet fit my head better shaved and didn't shifted on me compared to when I had hair.

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    Some older guys shave it because they don't like that partial bald look. They figure hey im going bald, might as well get it over with lol

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    I like fellas with long hair. If they cut it short hopefully it is layered and jagged with a good color. I know fellows don't like hair getting in the way of vision but that is what hairspray, gels, mousse and pins or headbands are for.

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    It depends on the person. Some guys look better with shorter hair then others while some look better with mid to longer hair. I personely think I look better with shorter hair, a number 3 or 4 length. But I do let my hair grow out and I usualy have it longer then I do short so it deponds.

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    yea...I've had my hair down past my shoulders..
    It was awesome and I loved it! Because it didn't tangle and I didn't have to do anything besides wash it and it was long and mildly wavy. No to mention it got lighter that way.

    But then my grades got bad and my mom got pissed and she cut it and its been slowly getting longer again.

    And most people to me look better with long hair, but there are some guys that look funky with it.

    But damn, now I'm in Texas its humid as hell and I want to cut it all off but I won't..><

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    I love my hair.. but now getting a wee bit long >.< everyone said i look better with short and tidy hair my gf loves it that way too.. but bald.. o.O na uh.. never ever going to do that.. i'd look ugly when im bald.. >.< but for certain guys.. bald does look great on them ^^

    Its a matter of head's shape and thier face the rounder the head.. the nicer it'll look... being bald is more hygienic too.. ^^

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    One of the most common questions posed to the intentionally bald gentleman is one of motivation. Why did you shave your head? As the author of a website on head-shaving, I also get the more general question, "Why do people (in general) shave their heads?".

    Naturally, no single answer could possibly do justice to every person who shaves their head. That being said, there are several reasons that I've heard more than others that people give for taking it all off (listed below in no particular order).

    1. Male Pattern Baldness

    A significant percentage of the male population will lose some or most of their hair naturally over time. For many men, shaving it all off is a response to this naturally occuring phenomenom. There are some sub-groups here:
    * Some decide that they may as well emphasize it and be proud of (or at least content with) their baldness. Several 'Bald and Proud'-style groups are present online and in the real world (though not all Bald Pride guys shave their heads).
    * Others are horrified by the idea of losing their hair, and figure that shaving it all off will disguise the natural loss, or at least it will look better than partial baldness.
    2. Fashion

    Some people shave their heads because it's a reasonably fashionable look. In the mid- and late-90's, several major motion picture stars shaved their heads for film roles (including Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger). Professional athletes like Michael Jordan have been shaving for a decade or more, and many musicians have gone the same route. It's hip, it's cool, and that's enough for some people.

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    Re: Guys and Hair

    Personally, I like myself more with short hair. I never had it REALLY short, but it never exceeds a certain lenght.
    Other than that, I have no issues with long hairs, if guys like to wear it, I couldn't care less.
    But as espartacos said, shaved hair is hip and cool. :> That being sad, I plan to try and shave my hair when time is right.
    As I have light curled hair, I like my hair when it's straight ... more or less. I guess it's always interesting to have hair the way you normally don't have. If you have straight hair for instance, it might be more appealing to wear it curled. And the other way as well of course.
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