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Thread: guys thoughts on make up?

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    Re: guys thoughts on make up?

    Honestly equinn I've been where you are on the feeling of having to wear make up all the time. I don't know about you but when I felt the need to wear make up I did it because I didn't love myself enough.

    Like a lot of people have said most of my guy friends either prefer a girl with light/natural make up or none because they don't want a girl to be hiding her natural beauty. I think you should wear make up because you want to but not because you feel like you have to just to feel beautiful.

    Personally I think if a boyfriend ask you to wear make up you should just think about it for a day or two and whether or not you WANT to wear make up. However if he were to say that he'd leave you if you didn't start wearing make up I'd say dump him (it's just one way for him to start controlling you). In the end just do what you want. Seeing how in your current situation your boyfriend wants you to stop wearing make up I think that if you WANT to keep on wearing make up than keep on wearing it.
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    Re: guys thoughts on make up?

    Totally. A girl wearing a little make up is nice sometimes, but you should only wear it when you feel like it. It doesn't matter much, and you should only care about what you think of yourself.
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