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Thread: Habits

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    lol! habits?! o dear god. i have so many i dont think ill have the engery to list them all. so im just going to tell u my common habit. ><;
    i have a habit of slamming into doors. >>;
    yea, i wake up in the morning and slam into doors.
    wat? wat do u mean why?! :P i do ok? xD i dont know WHY people think its cute but watever. <33333

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    Quote Originally Posted by kedar View Post
    ~!!!!! When I was a freshmen in high school.. I used to have this habit of carrying a sad face, especially around girls. I had no troubles nor did my family, but for some reason, it seemed that looking sad is cool.. .. Anyway, the reason why this struck me now is that, today is one of my dearmost friends' birthday. -[Nakamura Mishita, she is half Asian Indian and half Japanese, hence her first name was taken from Sanskrit [Mishita - gift of love] and carries a common Japanese family name [Nakamura.....]]- She was one among a few who feel for that look and accepted me as [best] friend.. Ahem, I was once a rat. lol. She currently lives in Italy with her parents, and I got an e-mail from her the other day.. Woo hoo!! It's great to come to know people who never forget you!
    HAA! So you say u were a rat! You speak! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! .... haa haa I bet you had that sad face because you wanted to put on a puppy dog face to get all the girlies! kekekeke
    ah yes... My habits... Well when I go to sleep In play with my hair or wiggle my toes. hee hee. Or if I get really comfortable I play with my hair and like to touch soft things. odd habbit

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    Re: Habits

    i bite people
    umm.. i eat a lot wen im nervous
    i tap my foot. CONSTANTLY.. maybe even in my sleep
    i never start a ice cream without finishing it
    and i draw wen im pissed
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    Re: Habits

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Heavens forbid... a Elite member has opened a dead thread...

    To quote the Forum rules...
    # Inactive threads, which have not been posted in for 2 weeks or more, should not be revived. They are considered dead.
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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