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Thread: Habits

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    Smile Habits

    I have habits I want to get rid of. People say the best way to get rid of bad habits are to replace it with good habits.

    My top 3 worst habits is being flighty, levity and eating too fast.

    When I am flighty it is hard for me to focus when I have flashbacks of the past. My sister would say "hello?" when my brain is somewhere else.

    I also have levity. I laugh when I get nervous which doesn't make sense to others so they say "What's so funny?"

    I eat like a dinosaur. When I see food I just have to clean my plate. Probably why I gained weight.

    The habits I'm trying to replace them with is feeling zen, being more relaxed, and savoring the taste of food.

    I'm not so flighty when I use zen to make myself aware of the present moment to moment. It works. It has actually helped to improve my breathing and helps my anxiety attacks.

    I'm more relaxed so I only laugh when cheerful instead of uncontrollable laughter to cover up my anxiety so I can focus on my daily chores like laundry, mail, and dreaming of fun places to go. kick back. release.

    To cure my weight gain, I eat smaller portions and savor the taste of food before swallowing. Helps control over eating so I can focus on other things.

    What are your top 3 worst habits?

    What are your top 3 favorite habits?

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    Re: Habits

    Bad habit
    #1: I have a tendency to not keep my room clean (not that I can't do it mind you...)

    #2: I tend to forget stuff that does not directly benefit me.

    #3: I am an @$$

    Good habits

    #1: I watch grotesque amounts of anime. (I think that is a good habit...)

    #2: I like to keep thinks orderly (except my room [see bad habit #1])

    #3: I try to keep a cool head at all times

    Est Sularis oth Mithas
    Going home soon.

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    Re: Habits

    I tend to curse a lot. Normally this turns people off because it makes me look like an uneducated heathen. I also tend to be quick to employ sarcasm, causing a bit too much stress at my job. Lastly, I can be rather impatient. Sometimes i'm an intsant gratification guy, but I'm doing well to control that.

    My habits i enjoy having are these: I tend to speak with a British accent, along with the slanf and the lack of the letter T and everything. I also tend to monologue, doing various speeches as varied as The Joker's scars explanation to Mushu's rants from the Disney movie, Mulan.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Habits


    1.) strait face (most of the time (bland, cold))

    2.) walk quikly ... I think its good...

    3.) will ask when needed


    1.) can not stop thinking about what I do wroung in the past and it is anoying >.<

    2.) quite/ nervous

    3.)will sometimes ignore people... or not look at them while talking... some people hate that...
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    Re: Habits

    wow. I have so many habits..

    Bad habits!

    1: I can burp very loud.
    2: I can act like i have no idea what's going on.
    3: I am very lazy. -__-"

    Good Habits

    1: I'm always honest.
    2: I always remember.
    3: I always help out.

    Vampire Freaks☠I am not going 2 be on for awhile... ☠

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    Re: Habits

    Well my habits are:...

    Bad Habits:

    - Always talking and talking..(Just dont shut up when I have to)...
    - In the middle of a conversation that I wander off with my mind...
    - Can't sit still or stand still...(I'm always moving around)...

    Good Habits:

    - Love anime and manga
    - Daydreaming..(Sometimes you need to do something for yourself)...
    - Love to help people...(I always do that even if I dont really know the real story)...

    So this is mine...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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    Re: Habits

    bad habits:
    1.)i hate to clean
    2.)i wont stop talking
    3.)i get annoyed eaisily
    good habits:
    1.)i can laugh at almost anything(almost!)
    2.)i can take care of living things(not including plans trees or fish ill forget there to quiet)
    3.)i dont care if im by myself

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    Re: Habits

    lol I think I've answered this before. Oh wells.

    Bad Habits~

    #1 Blabs too much.
    #2 Mood swings.
    #3 Bites hand when nervous. Like hard.

    Good Habits~

    #1 Always greet everyone with a smile. Being friendly.
    #2 Talkative. In a good way.
    #3 I like to eat ANY kind of food.

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