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Thread: Habits

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    Re: Habits

    Habits.... Umm well lets see

    #1. Sometimes i talk to myself when i play a game
    #2. Have trouble sleeping when i'm not tired
    #3. Saying things in a funny way
    #4. A general friendly person
    #5. Really loveable...... Nah just kidding, i guess the first #4, is the one i can remember right now. (#6. Not allways the best to remember some things)

    #1. I guess it's i really get into the game and really wanna do my best, but i don't know why really.
    #2. Well sometimes it can be because that something have happend that day or that something are going to happend.
    #3. The reason why i think that is, would be because i sometimes mix things together.
    #4. Umm Why?? well i guess i just like metting new people i guess and don't really jugde them right away, just using my intuition.

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    Re: Habits


    1. Hard time choosing something. I always have to look forward, how to do things and their consequences from the good &+ bad side, which I'm sure annoys the hell of my friends.

    2. Oh hell. I'm a flirt.(:

    3. Get lost sometimes in conversations. &+ I can be pretty slow. But If I dont get you're joke, there's a 99.9 perecnt chance you're stupid and you're joke was pointless so only you get it. So, there's a 0.01 percent chance you're joke rocks and I'm just slow...

    4. I can get super-duper angry. I have patience. I do. But when you cross a certain point I can get girl hulk on your a.s.*

    5. I can talk all day if you dont stop me. Like this one time, they told me to name ONE guy that was hot and I named a list. Bah.

    6. I'm kinda mean to guys. Haha. Well used to, I thought they were all jerks. Again. [[Used]] to. Please look at #2.

    7. I can argue. Oh yeah. Ask my friends. I have awesome comebacks too Haha, Yessiriebob. Like once, this girl in 4th grade said I could never be a model(After a discussion with my friends..we were being stupid), because I wasn't pretty like her. I told her, No I'm pretty. You're ugly because you don't reach my standards. So..yeah...Sorry It's a habit T-T. I dont mean to be mean...I just..backtalk..and some people take that wrong.


    1. I can help you out, and never give up. Just who I am. I will never change for anyone. ALthough most of the people said I changed. I dunno, from this hyper little girl to a mature super hyper..er..chick^^. Is that possible?

    2. Order my things. I guess this is when thinking ahead comes in handy ? I dunno.

    3. Super-Secretive(Wait is this good or bad? I dunno..)

    4. I dance to anything. Like anywhere. Literally. Put my jam on &+ I'll show you(:

    5. Uh, I can dance(:

    6. Very good memory. I never forget things..OKAY maybe SOME things but that's occasional. I mean, come on. SO MANY THINGS TO DO.

    Wow. I'm awesome(:
    -*P.S. I know you only said 3 ..sorry dude(:.
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    Re: Habits

    Okay, let's start with some bad habits.

    1. Tendency to do some embarrassing beatboxing/humming/singing when I think no one is here who could here that, as I truly don't want/expect anyone to hear this. As you can imagine, lots of embarrassing situation came up with this 'habit'. Still, it's not possible for me to stop that. Just natural to me. Same goes for dancing sometime ... pretty embarrassing again. Actually I don't like dancing in public but as long as nobody is watching it's okay for me.

    2. Bite nails (mostly on my left hand, for I play accustic guitar.) when I'm excited, e.g. when watching a film. Or when I'm studying ...

    3. Habit to do most of the things I'm supposed to do on the VERY last moment, e.g. learning for school (I'm happy when I start learning to days before test, if I'm actually learning), register for different courses, calling someone I have to but don't want to. Well, I'm really wokring on that habit though to get rid of it.
    I consider that to be my worst habit.

    Good habits:

    1. Helping my friends. If they got a problem, I generally try to help them as well as I can (or even beyond that).
    Not much to say about that one ...

    2. I learn really fast ... especially things in which I'm supposed to remember something, learning for tests or learning things in life. Pretty useful, if you consider my worst habit. Learn shortly before test and everything turns out fine. However one could say that this habit is the root of 'Do everything on the very last moment'. If it was not working that well, I'd probably start learning earlier.

    3. I'm kinda grown-up in some points ... Not neccessarily talking about my physical appearance, rather mental. Out of 5 real good (male) friends, 2 are around 22, one of them is near the thirties (Don't know if he'd like me telling you all, he feels soo old ). So some of my old friends are more or less grown-up too.

    That's it ... I could write down some other good bad habits too, there really are enough of both of them. But 3/3 is okay for now.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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