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Thread: Hall of Fame

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    Re: Hall of Fame

    Guys should religion really be brought into this thread?

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    Re: Hall of Fame

    Quote Originally Posted by fayt lingod View Post
    Adam of course. he is the patriarch of our race, why wouldn't he be admitted?
    Because he didn't do anything worth mentioning except for living the good life and dooming humankind.
    Adam is a very bad choice for a Hall of Famer.

    IF he ever existed that is.

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    Re: Hall of Fame

    hei, i do not know if we should make any margin of this topic (it do not said to not include religion things), do not it?

    maybe i made a mistake here and there just because i'm not too good at the law of Islam.
    even it is so, okay.. maybe i'll write some answer for the negative.. i want to clear it.
    sorry if i made some of you who read this anger, so to all of you who do not like what i write below i want to appology to you.
    i hope you forgive me then.(^_^)

    >>>>D. S. Margoliouth
    first of all, maybe i do not need to said to much because this one is enough for that.
    when Jibril came to Muhammad, inside the cave, Muhammad do not really know that he will be The Messenger.
    he really scare to Jibril (Jibril was not visible at that time) which was shake him again and again just because Jibril want Muhammad anwer "Read.. Read.."(okay it was arabian, so i translate it)
    then because Muhammad only said "I cannot read, i'm blind of words"(okay, maybe i mess the words.. the vocab maybe wrong.. but do you know what i mean?)
    Muhammad cannot stand again, he runs to his house with scare...
    blah..blah...till Jibril show up (become visible) and said to Muhammad to read it (even till he die he never know how to read any sentence even any word)
    then Muhammad just try to rememmber what Jibril said to him... [since i'm not good at my Islamic history, i cannot tell much.., but i just want to said that many of my belief only come from Koran..(haha.. that is my bad.. but i know some Al Hadist..)]
    this story said that he do not ever know that he'll be a Messenger..and never plan anything in order to do such a thing to secure political end.
    other thing to proof it is the orignallity of Koran.

    Koran didn't change even a word in it and won't change and never.
    this is the proof...Human cannot change it.

    it is my bad that i'm too good at spelling.. and the idea that said "Koran didn't change even a word in it and won't change and never." it is my statement but i do not own the idea at all...
    i belief to the statement.

    >>>> Alexis de Tocqueville
    it is not the fault of Koran and Al Hadist. it also not the fault of Muhammad..
    it's all those people fault... they cannot stand to "stick" to Koran and Al Hadist... because they have some problem with their self (lose from their bad passion, they cannot control it).. maybe just like me as ussual(^_^)[so i try to back to active like me in the past.. but keep it from being too extreme]

    why there is no Messenger again after Muhammad died?
    it said no more Messenger will arise on this world.
    "Muhammad is the last messenger and send to all of us not only for all human on earth"
    it said like that..

    so again it is not the fault of Muhammad or God.

    >>>> William Montgomery Watt

    [quote]' this is one of the reports of the unseen which We reveal to thee; thou didst not know it, thou nor thy people, before this '.[\quote]
    bah.. those words are not clear to read. why Mr. William not write like his own statement. he wrote it with a good spelling. hmm...

    [quote] The primary intention of the Qur'an was to deny the Jews' interpretation of the crucifixion as a victory for themselves, but as normally explained it goes much farther[\quote]
    i dissagree with him. the primary function and the only one function of Koran is as the basis to act for all Human>> to be hold by human in his live so that human will be better and better, not like animals (^^).

    [quote] The primary intention of the Qur'an was to deny the Jews' interpretation of the crucifixion as a victory for themselves[\quote]
    please explain me what he want to said.. i do not understand (+_+).. as victory???

    >>>> Christian point of view
    Muhammad is not antichrist!!! and he marry them because he is able to do that.. and in my perpective.. there is some Al Hadist on it

    [quote]That he died like “an ordinary person” was contrasted with the supernatural end to Christ's earthly life[\quote]
    after all, all the Messenger is ordinary a human. and he died when he is aged at 63. that is the age where human nowadays will die, commonly..

    just like other moslem said.. the wrong is from me.. the truth is from God. (hey, i always made a mistake.. no one is perfect except God)

    @ Hassun
    ano.... i think it is not a good one to said like that to our ancestor. (#_#)

    after all i want to said sorry if i made anger on you. "Domo sumimasen"
    *hope you forgive me...

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