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Thread: Halloween season approaching.

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    Re: Halloween season approaching.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Dhabi View Post
    i don't know about all that Satan stuff, i just think that whatever the holiday used to be is gone now (for the most part) and that all that's left is pillowcases filled with fun sized crunch bars (but how can less candy be more fun?)...
    Halloween originated in Ireland as a time for the dead to visit the land of living for the day. To rid evil spirits they would light bonfires. And in Great Britain they would going "Soul Singing" from door to door for cakes and money. It wasn't until America changed Soul singing to trick or treating years later. So the idea is still there, its just been altered as time goes on.

    I am going to move this to Cyber lounge as its changed to talking about celebrating halloween.

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    Re: Halloween season approaching.

    ^o^ wow! that was the first explanation of halloween i;ve heard that didn't envolve the harvest moon or wtches or anything like that! thanks so much Dancy~!

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    Re: Halloween season approaching.

    seen that movie it was alright and please lock your releative in if they been playing too much monoster killing game, they will go around and kill all the kids in the monster costume, i celebrate by scareing the hell out of people

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